Friday, May 12, 2006


NSA Databases

Get a Grip, Lefties

For most Americans, the fact that their phone calls are recorded, in skeleton form, in a NSA dastabase is not terribly troubling. In fact, the public in general seems to be far more concerned that the Left will succeed in having the practice stopped, much to our ultimate regret. Many are not concerned if their entire chats are recorded, if held to the purpose of stopping terrorist attacks. Yes, one has to give up certain privacy provisions as the price for vigilance. But, in order to assure NSA's purity of purpose, we do not have to give up thorough and impartial supervision of its activities.

The same holds true for the NSA listening in on phone calls from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, or any other Islamic nation, to people in America. Eventually, I hope they monitor ALL calls from foreign countries, since the terrorist threats can be originated from any place in the world.

Denying terrorists unfettered access to communications should be a no-brainer.


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