Friday, April 14, 2006


Bad Things

That which I can do without!

The major and minor annoyances of life in America today continue to get under my skin, and goad me into intemperate remarks. So, as a means of venting my feelings, I decided to commit them to writing here. Perhaps if many people feel as I do, something positive could happen by focusing our energies on the problems in a constructive manner.

Bush Bashing; Foremost in my lexicon is Bush Bashing. It has become a joke that literally anything in this world that goes wrong is blamed on Bush. Take Katrina, for example: Bush is blamed for the hurricane and for the failure of the levies. I could cite a hundred similar examples of the inane attitudes of those on the Left when Bush is the subject. I find it reprehensible in the extreme on the part of partisan lefties, and certainly not conducive to bipartisan solutions for our pressing problems. I call for a pox on the Bush Bashers.

Illegal Immigrants; The crying towels are out for the poor little illegals who have entered the US by crossing the border without authorization. As a matter of humanity, so it goes, we should accord these downtrodden people all of the benefits of American citizenship. Our borders should not be an impediment for anyone wanting to come into the country. So, to hell with sovereignty and security, and to hell with the laws of the land.

I say there should be a roundup of all illegals, and then a determination of who can remain be made on the basis of good character, record, past history, steady gainful employment, a sponsor, willingness to learn English and American history and values, and desire to assimilate into the population, not live in a barrio. The flood of illegals must be stopped, and the employers of them must be punished. The fact that 40% of the criminals in California jails are Latinos is a telling figure.

Iraq; When one loses patience, the tendency is the cut and run, which seems to be the attitude of the Left. Especially since many on the Left didn’t support the invasion in the first place. There is yet another tendency born of impatience, and that is to accelerate the solution, to overwhelm the situation, and to enforce what we believe is the right solution. The third thing that happens is the blame game. Everyone has his own ideas of what the right thing to do is now.

Well, we have set a course, and we should follow it to the bitter end. We should stop the moaning and groaning and get behind the President on this issue. I am sick to death of the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that Leftists have indulged themselves in for the past three or four years. In my opinion, we should establish permanent bases in Iraq and dig in for the long haul. We will need them in the Middle East as the situation develops, and we have paid for the right with our blood and treasure.

Iran; More moaning and groaning about the probable need to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities is being heard. We seem to have become pacifists to the core, at least in the Left thinking groups, which is perhaps 20-30% of the electorate. Because of this passionate belief in negotiations with the “other side”, we will waste precious time running out the string of talking ploys, just as the Europeans have done for three years.
It is not usually productive to negotiate with Muslim fanatics. If a negotiation does have results, it will be to the long-term advantage of the Muslims, to be sure.

North Korea: Blithering idiots will sooner or later cause real trouble. There should be an “or else” ultimatum given to the NK when we are in a position to use our military forces to an advantage. If the NK ignore the ultimatum, they should suffer the consequences.

The School System; Reports are being published daily about the indoctrination of our children and young adults in progressive social concepts, in bad old America, and in Leftist programs. This should be stopped cold. Teachers and professors have no right to indoctrinate our kids with Leftist pap. We will suffer from allowing these clowns to penetrate our schools and universities. At one report, there are over 10,000 university professors who are Left-leaning, and who actually teach leftist thought in their classrooms, with the full knowledge of their administrations as well, which is even more frightening.

Mainstream Media Bias; It is a shame that our media are biased to the Left. Fortunately, most people are becoming aware of the bias and the techniques used to influence the thinking of our citizens. For some, it has become a game to detect and laugh at the attempts to color our attitudes about any number of subjects that the left wants us to absorb reflexively. It is very annoying, however, when such tactics manage to penetrate the minds of the semiconscious and unthinking individuals who had rather be told what to think. There is danger for our republic in that tactic. This should be countered in every way possible.

The UN; The simple solution here is to ensure our sovereignty under all circumstances. The UN is virtually useless, and should be phased out in favor of a coalition of democratic states. The danger of losing our sovereignty piecemeal over years is real and even planned for by One-Worlders, Secular Humanists, and others who would gain power and money by virtue of reining in the US. Now is the time to pull back and regroup.


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