Thursday, March 30, 2006


Illegal Immigration

Our Citizens Want Enforcement Not Pandering to Votes

We start with the fact that illegal entry is breaking the law.
Thus those who are here illegally are lawbreakers and should be punished for crossing the border. Further entries should be punished at an ever more severe level.

Those commercial ventures that hire illegals and are caught doing so should be fined severely: on the order of $25,000 per illegal person for the first offense, and $100,000 per illegal person for the second offense. Any further offenses should result in prison for 10 years for the heads of companies. Law enforcement at every level should be empowered to capture and deport illegals and to bring charges against their employers.

We should build an air-tight fence and increase the border patrols by 100%. Posting National Guards along the borders to report and hold illegal immigrants should be employed.

There should be a fair and well-administered guest worker program that provides for both sufficient workers in our fields and industries, and for temporary residence in the US by the guest workers. A comprehensive ID should be employed to positively identify guest workers.

Is this too hard a task for the nation that sent men to the moon?


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