Saturday, March 25, 2006


The 2006 Election Season

An Even Dozen Issues

I see the forthcoming mid-term elections to be focused on the following issues:

1. Iraq: Seeing our participation through to a successful conclusion, and continuing support for as long as it takes.

2. Illegal Immigration: Closing borders, controlling immigrants and migrant workers, and penalizing employers that break the law.

3. Iran: What action to take to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. (This is gated by what happens in Iraq as well.)
There are a few options, none of them very pleasant. War with Iran is not out of the question.

4. Spending: How to reign in profligate spending by Congress. Giving the line-item veto to the President?

5. Judicial Legislation: Returning the Bench to interpreting the law, not legislating it. There will possibly be another opening on the Supreme Court within the next two years. We should see that yet another constitutionalist is appointed.

6. Defense: Ensuring continued training, modernization and preparation of our military for new roles in world conflicts, including further expansion of the capabilities for occupation and special operations.

7. Homeland Defense: Ensuring more rapid and effective responses to internal disasters throughout the country.

8. Comity: The public is fed up with the rancor and denigration stemming from excessive partisanship in Congress over issues vital to the public. Especially divisive is the virulent hatred of President Bush, much of which merely aids our enemies and puts our troops at a disadvantage. We should elect congressmen who vow to change the discordant climate in Washington.

9. Taxes: Tax reform is imperative if we are to regain our footing financially, and yet still have the resources needed for our commitments. A Flat Tax should be enacted, thus largely doing away with the IRS.

10. Medical Reforms: medical costs are going ever upward, and more and more citizens are becoming uninsured, while illegal immigrants are getting free care in our hospitals. Something needs to be done.

11. State Department Reform: There are too many members of the DOS that try to effect their own agendas rather than our elected President’s program. These persons should be encouraged to resign. It seems that this is underway now, sponsored by Rice. it should go to completion.

12. Intelligence Community Reform: The same holds true for the CIA and other agencies, who have in the recent past fostered differing agendas that that of the President by indirect and illegal means. Personnel that are doing this must be fired. Porter Goss was given the mandate to clean up CIA. I hope he succeeds.

There are many more needs in our intelligence system, such as a long range program for developing substantial human assets in foreign countries.


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