Saturday, January 24, 2015


Key Conservative Actions III

Here is a list of things for conservatives to do!


Believe in God, and practice Christian morality—including faith, hope and charity. We must fight to ensure an end to atheist-driven secularization in the nation.

However, we must not allow our freedom of religion to deter us from taking action against those who would destroy us, especially Islamic fundamentalists.


Believe in and live by a virtues ethic: especially prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude. Live with integrity.


Recognize and account for the fact that man is imperfect, sinful, and capable of dastardly acts. The evidence? Islamofascist terrorism. Reject political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity as actually evil.


Practice self-governance, independence, and morality. Government must not be the source for fulfilling all needs.

Maintain God’s natural law, natural rights, and natural duties, and reject provably disastrous ideas of atheistic collectivity, such as Socialism, Communism, Secular Humanism, etc.


Recognize that our government was formed and is maintained by the consent of the governed, and by representation in Congress and an elected President, as well as representative state governments. Revert selection of senators from a statewide election to an appointment by the state's legislation.

We must fight to maintain our liberty and freedoms, and understand how constitutionalism has created a stable and free nation.


Uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as valid and fully applicable to modern life. Support right-sizing of the government. Do we need 1,700 or so agencies, bureaus, etc.?


Ensure that we remain committed to the rule of law and not the rule of man.


Employ right reason and prescription in all affairs, most especially for necessary changes to lives, to governance and for declaring and executing war.


Preserve or revive our traditions, customs, conventions and institutions-- including among them marriage between a man and a woman.


Practice good citizenship, enlightened patriotism for our great nation, self-reliance and independence.


Help the needy, the weak and the poor.


Revise the educational process to install sound curricula, reduce the influence of unions and progressives, and produce better educated students. Proper education of citizens is key to the success of our form of republic.

Revert responsibility for education to the States, with no-strings grants to states as needed. Reduce the Department of Education to the role of handing out the grants to needy states.


Defend the nation and its freedoms; support a super-strong military, and honor treaty commitments worldwide. Preserve the military manufacturing base at all cost. There will be a need! In WWII we had three to four years to build up our forces to a winning level. For the next war, and there will be one, we will not have the luxury of years to reach that winning level.


Preserve private property rights as a major bulwark of freedom.


Institute fiscal responsibility: realize debt and debit reduction; and, ultimately, balance the budget.


Examine thoroughly the entitlement programs now in place, and find significant reductions in their budgets.  We cannot afford to spend 65 to 70% or more of our budget on entitlements.


Ensure free markets with willing nations, including appropriate regulations to prevent abuses.


Promote family as a valued building block, honor our heritage, and ensure future continuity of our way of life for our children.


Make effective and well-supervised humanitarian contributions to alleviate disasters worldwide, to promote global stability and to seed economic growth. Send goods not cash!

Promote scientific, engineering and manufacturing contributions to our way of life.


Use common-sense and cost-effective management and regulation of our natural resources and environmental conditions. Rescind regulations that do not meet this criteria.


Develop and support strong community pride, spirit and cooperation. Extend this spirit throughout the nation.


Revamp immigration control, seal the border, allow supervised migrant workers, and deport illegal immigrants throughout the nation, or else let them sign up for an eventual citizenship path.


Believe in just war to defend the nation, and in just killing--both for self defense and for the death penalty.


Preserve citizen’s absolute second amendment rights to own and use guns and ammunition legally.


Provide for health care at reasonable cost, and ban elective abortions. Rescind Obamacare.


Maintain our sovereignty: deemphasize the United Nations organization and misguided or disastrous international movements--think Islam, for example, that is practiced by 65 or so nations.

Islam is a growing problem for the US. The Muslim world is dedicated to the overthrow of all infidel nations in favor of Islam. Once achieved, all infidels would be given a choice: 1) Convert to Islam; 2) Accept Dhimmitude (second class citizen) and pay fines; or 3) be put to death. We must fight back.


Create a law that forbids any religion to be practiced in the nation that threatens the overthrow of the government and the dhimmitude or death of our citizens. Enforce the law.


Work hard, be industrious and entrepreneurial, create and hold wealth, make jobs available, and live well. Wealth is good! Work to ensure full employment.


The dollar is in jeopardy of losing its reserve status, which would prevent simply printing money to pay debts; tax uncertainties are preventing job growth; and tons of new regulations are contributing to the downturn. We need a new fiscally responsible government, and we need to reduce the national debt of over $18 trillion!

Examine every department of government in great detail to verify their need, to reduce fraud and waste, to remove incompetents, to control their budgets, and to remove regulations that are harmful to the nation. There are currently over 1700 agencies, commissions, committees, and bureaus in existence!

A million clerks are ruling the nation by way of interpreting regulations (often unwisely) and forcing citizens to comply.

Continue to reduce the influence of unionism throughout the country.

Elect or appoint men of good character, morally right, and wise, and that support these key conservative tenets.


Reject siren calls for confiscatory redistribution of wealth by the government. Vote for a flat consumption tax and no other form of taxation.


Restrict the courts from legislating from the bench in favor of the correct route through Congress. Judges must remain within their boundaries.

Practice zero tolerance for criminals. Let the punishment fit the crime. Seek recompense for the damages done. Build more prisons if necessary.


Changes to the policies of government will be needed but they must be carefully vetted and instituted gradually to preserve continuity.

Encourage freedom and liberty throughout the world.


(It needs to be said about realizing these actions: the devil is in the details! Let us dig into them.


Friday, January 02, 2015


A Dozen Speculations on UFO's

Why would the government hide the existence of UFO's and aliens from the public? Possibly:

1. They want to reverse engineer what they have found, and if they succeed, we will have a new set of weapons to use against our enemies.

2. They want to protect the reverse engineering project from foreign spy penetration, as was the case in the Manhattan Project.

3. They believe the public cannot handle the news of real aliens, because it would have a huge impact on several religions--both positive and negative.
It is especially so if the aliens have a sinister purpose for being here. Since no alien messages have been received (to our knowledge), many would believe the aliens have hostile intent, and panic would ensue.

4. The government has spent both money and time to discredit the UFO sightings over many years, and does not want to reveal their lies to the public over so many presidencies. Once the fact of their existence is announced, the big question of "Why are they here?" will arise.

5. They have found an unknown virus of some kind in the bodies of recovered aliens for which there is no known cure, and quite a few government workers have died from it so far. So they put a lid on the whole affair, hoping to develop a vaccine, but it hasn't happened---yet!

 6. In translating the written words of the aliens from a saucer crash, the government discovered that there is a plan to take over the planet at some future date, so they are hoping to develop counter weapons from the reengineering effort. The alien technology is so far in advance of ours that there is no hope to defend ourselves at this time.

7. The government officially believes there is no such thing, so there is nothing to hide.

8.  The huge Mother Ship for both robotic recon saucers (that can execute almost immediate 90 degree turns), and a number of manned saucers carrying several aliens is in stationary orbit around Mars, hence the NASA MARS programs' secret (and probably futile) objective is to go there and prove it photographically.

9. The Mother Ship itself has come down to traverse earth now and again for recon and mapping purposes, mostly on the night side to minimize its being sighted, which explains some serious sightings of the monstrous ship in Europe and elsewhere.

10. The aliens are harvesting our people for food, and the government knows it!  We are a delicacy to them. They are careful not to arouse suspicion by harvesting only "missing" men and women a few at a time. They don't want to start a stampede in "their herds"!

11. The aliens are actually from a different universe and have mastered travel through spacetime to our solar system, and they have come here many times in the past.

 12. Our planet was seeded with humans by the aliens many thousands of years ago, and they continue to monitor their efforts. Alternatively, they altered humanoids to give them consciousness...


Take your pick!

And then reflect that all of these statements might be true at the same time!

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