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                                                                 May 29, 2017

If an in-depth worldview spiked up from level ground like the Rockies, this paper represents slices off the very top of many peaks.  Further explanations generally require either an article or an entire book.

I created this list for several reasons: 1) as a checklist for my Belief System; 2) To expand my Belief System appropriately; 3) to compare with my "Discriminant List"; and 4) to begin to highlight interdependencies.

          God: The Trinity; Eternal Law; Divine Law; Salvation: The Designer; The Essence of Love; Omnipotent; Omnipresent; Beyond Human Logic; Satan: Why is there Something Rather than Nothing? Rapture; Tribulation;
Second Coming of Christ; Immortal Souls; Life Begins at Conception.

          Religion: Belief; Worship; Prayer; Bible=The Word of God;  Walking with God; Fellowship of the Church; Salvation Through Jesus; Stewardship of God's Things; Christian Ethics and Morality; Love of God and Love of Neighbor; The Ten Commandments; The Gift of Free Will; Prayer; Good Men and Bad Men; Vexation at LGBT and Atheism. Life Begins at Conception; Atheists and LGBTs tolerated.

          Virtue: Faith; Hope; Charity; Love; Prudence; Temperance; Fortitude; Justice; Truth; Honesty; and more...Integrity sums it up. 

          Cosmos and Universe: Big Bang; Infinite Galaxies; Design; Space; Time; Events; Concrete and Abstract Things; The Good and Bad; Earth; Age of Universe=13.8 B Years; Age of Earth= 4.7 B Years; Are Multiverses Possible?  Immensity Difficult to Imagine; Light-Years! Alien Life?

          Natural Law: Revealed Law; Innate Freedom and Liberty; Natural Rights; Natural Duties; Rule of Law; The Constitution; and Common Law; Customs; Traditions; Institutions; Constraints; Citizenship; Judicial Restraint ; Law Enforcement; Moral Rectitude; Integrity.

          Life and People: Design; Birth; Existence; Survival; Health; Education; Defense; Marriage; Procreation; Death; Life After Death; Good and Evil; Conventional Lifestyles; Inclusiveness; Equality before the Law; Medical Services; Heredity; Relations; Food and its Production; Clothing; Shelter; Jobs; Pay; Retirement; Entertainment; Information; Transport.

          Knowledge: Information Gathering; Study and Analysis; Establishing Truth;  Recording; Dissemination; Publishing;  Wide Availability as Needed; Indexing; The Internet; Learning; Education; History; Professions; Libraries; Philosophy; Psychology; Tradeoff Studies; Universals & Particulars.  

          Reason: Facts; Truth; Logic; Study and Analysis; Proof; Methods of Science; Right Reason; God's Path. Tradeoffs. Lessons of History.

          Physics & Hard Sciences: Things and their Relationships; Physical Laws; Science; Mathematics; General Relativity; Quantum Theory; String Theory; Theory of Everything; Applied Sciences; Engineering; Technology; Computers and Networks; Algorithms and Software; Communications; Engineering.

          Soft Sciences: Languages; Literature; History; Economics; Social Sciences; Psychology; Philosophy; Etc.  

          Aesthetics: Appreciation of Beauty; Art in General; Well-formed Writing; Cogent Arguments;   Music of all kinds; Plays; Movies; TV shows with Worthwhile Content; Dance; Opera.Dedication, Study &
Development of Talent.

          Conservatism: Embracing and Respecting the Foundations of our Nation; The Constitution; the Customs, Traditions and Institutions of our Republic; deep desire to improve our nation and its people especially Walking with God; realizing Christianity to the fullest; Fiscal and Social Conservatism; Balancing the Budget; Reducing the National Debt.

           Governance: Right-Sized Democratic Republic; Legislative; Administrative; Judicial Divisions; Preserving the Constitution; Defending Freedom and Liberty of the People; Checks and Balances; Understanding Other Forms of Governance; Reject Socialism and Communism; Protecting Private Property; Two-Party Politics; Promoting Businesses.

          Defense: Assured Strong Armed Forces; Security;Tools of War; Nuclear Weapons; Design; Development; Test and Evaluation; Production; Training; Deployment; Combat; Just War; MAD; Unfriendly Nations; Mutual Defense Treaties; Use of Power; Assured Homeland Defense; Thwarting Islamic Jihad; Large and Small Conflicts; Winning Strategies. History  of Wars.

          Associations: Freedom to Associate; Friends and Acquaintances; Strength in Numbers; Mediating Organizations and Institutions; Pledge of Allegiance; Stability; Patriotism; Conserving the Good; Nations of the World; Political Organizations; Conservatism; Anti-Collectivism; Anti-Leftism.

          Endeavors: Free Market with Constraints; Products and Services; Industrialization; Monetizing; Design; Economics; Jobs; Finance; Development; Manufacturing; Distribution; Sales; Low Taxes.     

          Nation:  Maintain Absolute Sovereignty; Remove Liberal Excesses; Encourage Small Business Growth; Help Other Nations; Adequate Care for the Needy; Geography; Resources; Transportation; History; Restore Patriotism. Diversity of Lifestyles and Environments.

          Culture: The Common Aspects of American Society: Customs; Traditions; Institutions; Religions; Hopes; Aspirations; Pride; Patriotism; Language; Economic, Geographical, Historical; and Spiritual Factors; Ethics and Morality; Constraints; Melting Pot; Origins of Customs, Art; Literature; Sculpture; Commemorations; Structures; Museums. 

          Finances: Tax Revision; Payout for the National Debt; Balanced Budgets; Reduction of Fraud, Waste, and Superfluous Programs; Tackling the Entitlement Fiasco; Creation of Well-Paying Jobs;  Raising Revenues; Coping with Loss of the Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency; Elimination of Earmarks; Elimination of Omnibus Bills; Allow Time to Read.

          Energy: Electricity Generation Plants and Distribution Networks; Coal, Hydro; Natural Gas, Nuclear; Sun; Wind; Wave; Steam; Gasoline Engines; Diesel,

          Structures: Buildings; Homes; Malls; Stadiums and Sports Domes Swimming Pools; Roads; Streets; Bridges; Tunnels; Rails; Seaports; Airports; Train Stations; Factories; Monuments and Statues.

          Transportation: Automobile; Bus; Truck; Train; Aircraft; Subway; Ships; Boats; Bicycle; Foot.

          Sports: Football; Baseball; Soccer; Tennis; Track; Boxing; Martial Arts; Lacrosse; Basketball; Hockey; Ping Pong; Racquetball; Volleyball. Car Racing; Horseracing; 

          Crime: Detection, Solution; Indictment; Prosecution; Police Organizations at Local. County, State, and National Levels; Incarceration; Death Penalty; Parole; Commutation; Pardon; Three Felonies Require a Life Term.

          The Nations: World Geography; Topology; Resources; Population; Cities; Languages; Customs; Religions; Conflicts; Warrior Cults; Water; Lakes, Rivers and Streams; The UN; Trade Treaties; Other Forms of Government;  History; Allies and Enemies.  English Common Language.                     

          Foreign Policy: Beneficial Trade Agreements; Non-Interference; Mutual Defense Treaties; Encouraging Democracy; Most-Favored Nation; Defeat of ISIS; Deep Qualification of Muslims; Threats of Russia, China; and North Korea; Middle East Turmoil; Support for Israel; Deemphasize  UN; Arctic and Antarctic Exploitation. Gathering Intelligence.

          The Future: We know the past; we are living the present; what about the future? Prognosticators;  Nostradamus; The Rapture; The End of Earth; Two-Year Plans; Five-Year Plans;

Key References: Seventeen Books of Vital Importance to this Worldview that I hold in my personal library:

1. The King James Bible
2. Understanding Our Times, by Jeff Myers and David Noebel
How Now Shall We Live, by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey
What We Can't Not Know, by J, Budziszewski
Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye and David Noebel
The Complete C.S. Lewis, a Signature Classic
Written on the Heart, by J. Budziszewski
8. Th
e 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen
The Big Questions, by Nils Ch. Rauhut
Natural Law and Human Nature, by Father J. Koterski, S.J.
Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell
.The World is Curved by David M. Smick
13.Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C. Meyers
The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene
The Liberal Mind, Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D
Prayer, Timothy Keller.
17. We Still Hold These Truths, Matthew Spalding


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