Monday, March 17, 2014


Decorating the Body

Besides tattoos, women are finding other ways to attract attention.

There are most likely names for the various decorations in fashion today among some young women. I don't know them, and I will say now that I don't like them anyway!  A belly button jewel is one example that is somewhat mild, but still much too artificial.  More radical are the jewels outlining eyebrows, ears, earlobes, the nose, and lips, a disgusting display of cosmetic silliness.

These adornements most certainly detract from the pristine beauty of a woman, and they have connotations that speak loudly of sexual interests.  Perhaps the loudest of all is the jewel in a woman's tongue, which seemingly promises erotic delights for men in oral sex, and it is impossible to miss in casual conversation.

There is one clear advantage I can see for these out-of-place jewels, as well as the strategically placed tattoos we see, and that is they flash a clear warning to men that these women are conceited, full of themselves, eager to attract men any way they can, and, that they have most probably been far too successful at it! For all the wrong reasons.  

Monday, March 03, 2014


The more we change...

The trajectory of the nation has not changed in six years of the Obama Administration!

Woeful unemployment.
Escalating national debt.
About a half trillion dollar deficit per year, growing to a trillion in ten years.
Chaos in Obamacare, and higher medical costs.
Stupid foreign policy, shamefully so.
Retreat from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran.
Downsizing the military while new crises develop.
Lying to the public--"You can keep your insurance and your doctor."
No real progress on Iran's nuclear developments.
Spending more on entitlements from 2014-on.
Over 4,400 new regulations from the EPA and other departments.
Executive orders bypassing Congress.
A narcissistic and ineffective President until 2016.
An economy in shambles for far, far too long.
Lying to the public about Benghazi.
Lying to the public about the IRS holding up conservative organizational efforts.
Stimulus efforts continuing with inflationary pressures growing.

And now the good news: Hillary Clinton is going to run for President!
May God protect us in our misery!


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