Thursday, September 29, 2016


The Liberal Manifesto

Paraphrased from "The Liberal Mind"--Lyle H. Rossiter, MD[1]

1. We are all children of a parental government...

2. Self-reliance and the role of individual responsibility should be diminished in this society in favor of collective caretaking administered by the state.

3. The individual cannot exist without the state.

4. Because most citizens are not competent to run their own lives, they need government guidance to do what is good for them.

5. Collectivism is the proper political philosophy for an ordered society.

6. A good life is a government entitlement owed to each citizen regardless of the nature and quality of his acts and their usefulness to others.

7. In respect to economic and social situations, prior binding contracts or agreements based on tradition may be invalidated by the authority of the government.

8. A large government regulatory apparatus is needed to exercise control over the citizenry and to ensure that social justice is assured.

9. Massive welfare programs that are administered by the state at taxpayer expense are necessary to meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

10. Men should not be held responsible for their bad actions, but rather such actions should be viewed as the collective fault of the society.

11. Traditional ideas about the separateness and sovereignty of the individual are invalid.

12. Material subsidies are to be paid to persons designated by the state based on need, suffering, or inequality, not on merit or desert.

13. Human nature is highly malleable.

14. Descriptions of how to act and how not to act should not be based on the distilled ethical and moral wisdom of the centuries, but through canons of political correctness or evolved through the creation of alternative lifestyles in a spirit of cultural correctness.

15. Established traditions of decency, courtesy, and sexual repression are unduly restrictive and should be rejected because they support class distinctions that oppose the liberal ideal of social equality. Pornography is good.

16. Rules governing human interactions that have evolved over centuries deserve no respect. Traditional Judeo-Christian moral and ethical codes such as the Golden Rule must be rewritten to reflect modern ideals of moral relativity and multicultural correctness.

17. Equality before the law is a fiction.

18. An individual who commits a bad act should not be held personally responsible for what he does even if he does it with malicious intent.

19. US foreign policy makers should assume the American imperialism and capitalist exploitation have been major factors in provoking aggressive acts by other nations and by religious or ethnic groups.

20. It is the duty of the state to determine which groups or classes of persons suffer from deficits in material security and in social and political status and to cure these deficits through government action.

21. Time-honored conceptions of justice as reflected in common sense, ethical philosophy, judicial practice and the history of political thought are invalid.

22. Traditional ideal of self-determination, self-responsibility and self-reliance are invalid.

23. Economic activity should be carefully controlled by the government.

24. An adult citizen's time, work effort and ability must be largely apportioned to the state.

25. The primary purpose of politics is the creation of an ideal collective society run by a liberal elite[2] committed to a just redistribution of economic, social and political goods.

26. The traditional social institutions of marriage and family are not very important and should yield to progressive alternative lifestyles that emphasize the satisfaction of sexual and relational needs.

[1] Rossiter expounds on these condensed statements substantially in his book, and derives the why of them through analysis from a life cycle psychological viewpoint.
[2] Liberals classify citizens as: governing elites; military personnel; and the rest of us.

Friday, August 26, 2016


You Want Clinton?

Embracing the Liberal and Progressive agenda has a direct impact on us, especially if you:

--don't mind if the Supreme Court decides issues according to Liberal Ideals, rather than the Constitution and its precedents;

--accept the shredding of the Constitution; First and Second Amendments especially;

--want all the free things promised from government, such as: school choice; free college; free health care; extensive paid vacations; paid sick leave; low interest mortgages, and so on, even free cell phones, to buy your vote.

--don't realize that interest on the National Debt will soon absorb all revenues except for entitlements, unless taxes are raised;

 --desire for a UN with dictatorial powers over the world, never mind that it would violate our Constitution;

--admire collective, authoritarian, elite government because it gets things done fast, never mind the will of the people;

 --do not believe we need a strong military, because the money for it must go for the freebies, even with wolves at the door;

--practice the sin of envy, and thus want high tax rates on the wealthy, because freebies are expensive and they have money;

--practice the sin of murder of the unborn, paid for by our taxes;

--do not believe in God, rather Secular Humanism, with serious impacts!

--abhor well-conceived and venerated US traditions, customs, and institutions;

--are contemptuously anti-American, in favor of some future neo-American, Utopian ideal that exists only in the imagination of the fundamentally disturbed Liberal/Progressive mind.
Utopias do not work!

Thursday, August 11, 2016



Although I have been extremely critical of Trump for his hip-shooting remarks, several facts about Clinton weigh heavily on me:

1) Supreme Court choices need to be conservative not radical liberal;

2) The 2nd Amendment must be preserved intact;

3) We need to continue exploiting our coal as well as other energy sources;

4) Clinton lies have become so blatant that she shows her mindset if made president;

5) Clinton will follow Obama Policies, massive Regulations, and Executive Orders, if not the rest of his leftist mess;

6) We need to address the massive expansion of entitlements causing our $19+ Trillion debt;

7) We need to have a strong military in this age of engagements and terror;

8) We need to clean up the government after so many truth-bending acts in all departments, especially the EPA, HSA, and Treasury;

9) We need an honest Attorney General and Justice department;

10) We must have a sane immigration policy.

I see Trump as proposing to fix each of these ills, and Clinton is arguing for the status quo.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Trump Watch

I wait to see Trump's full action plan for his presidency that uses sound Christian, conservative advice, and contains the following steps:

1) corrects Obama's entire Executive Order folio;

2) corrects thousands of objectionable, costly business and environmental regulations;

3) heals Obama breeches to the Constitution, affirms the 2nd Amendment, and halts the debit-spending trends of progressive/liberal ideologues;

4) initiates an overhaul of corporate and personal tax loads;

5) brings back large numbers of overseas business jobs to the US;

6) initiates actions to fix our national debt morass. However, he will have to preside over an inevitably forthcoming failed economy and financial ruin. He has the experience and mindset to help us recover;

7) rebuilds our armed forces to meet threats from Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS;

8) reaffirms or rebalances financially our military alliances worldwide;

9) repairs our foreign relations and corrects trade imbalances;

10) creates a market-driven health plan and dumps Obamacare;

11) solves the immigration, illegals and border leakage problems;

12) organizes an effective coalition plan to decimate Jihadists worldwide;

13) conducts a truly transparent administration, and stops the incessant Obama/Clinton spinning, lying, and hiding of unpleasant things;

14) appoints conservatives to the Supreme Court;

15) repairs our infrastructure;

16) dismantles DOE and cuts the EPA and other budgets significantly;

17) sees RvW repealed;

18) goes all out on energy production, including coal;

19) cools off the Climate Change movement, and zeros out all but research funding; and,

20) supports prosecution of Clinton.

If Trump does propose such an ambitious showdown plan against Progressivism, and he seems to be developing it, I will support him. Clinton will not follow these steps!
Trump will repeal the last 8 years of Obama.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


What We Do Not Need!

In this election year, thoughtful citizens should consider the following things we do not need.

We do not need the current and devious politics of: envy; arrogance; privilege; bias; bigotry; corruption; secrecy; insularity; hate; greed; and lying to the public.

Not again!

We do not need the impractical goals of: progressivism; political malfeasance; false premises; overbearing big government; rule by fiat and regulation; shredding the Constitution; emasculating the armed forces; hiding the true nature of the nation's fiscal and jobs status; taxing and overspending; thus maximizing the national debt; and overloading the nation with dubious immigrants that take American's jobs.

Not again!

We do not need Hillary Clinton!

Vote for Donald Trump!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


An American Culture? Revision II

(Originally published in January, 2012, now with substantial new material.)

Multiple Cultures and Factions Prevail.
Our culture is sliced up into many pieces or factions; so much so that the common elements are very few. Consider the following slices and dices among many:

Rich man/ Poor man









Radical Right/Radical Left


White collar/Blue collar

Religion I/Religion II/Etc.




Truth Teller/Habitual Liar






Cultural snob/Cultural boor




Military Experience/No Military Experience

Pride in Birth Area 1/Pride in Area 2,3...n

Ordinary Citizen/Politician

Ordinary Citizen/Congressman



Federated Republican/Collectivist, or Humanist, or Socialist or Communist (who adopted the term "Progressive" to disguise their affiliation. Hillary is a self-proclaimed Progressive Democrat!)


Business Man/Others

Citizen Today/Citizen Earlier/Citizen Tomorrow


Fluent in English/Not Fluent in English

Born American/Immigrant/Illegal Immigrant

And all shades in between.

It is little wonder that we continuously have serious conflicts, clashes in beliefs, and ultimately nasty invective between opposing views, particularly when beliefs run so strongly, often challenging deeply held religious, emotional, inherited or reasoned beliefs! Many times the opposition uses unfair tactics to shut the citizen up and denigrate him, hoping to send him away.

We are a multicultural hodge-podge living our separate very uniquely human lives, and many, many different lifestyles, but held together socially by at least seven or so very strong beliefs and common goals: The value of strength in numbers; the rule of law; the joys of our freedoms; the best place to raise our children; the opportunities for betterment, a compelling work ethic, and in the love of this country. (There are more reasons, of course…)

All of our diverse cultural components contribute to a peculiar synthesis one might call an “American Culture,” but if examined closely, it quickly dissolves into some or even all of its constituent or factional parts, and even harkens back to quite different historical origins and allegiances. I suppose that if there must be such factions,
it is a real blessing to have so many factions that they tend to cancel each other out.

How many discussions or arguments between two people have been completely biased by their opposing factional belief systems?

The remarkable thing is that this democratic and federated republic form of national government, with its written Constitution as the Law of the Land, has successfully held together for nearly 240 years, despite many sweeping differences along the way. The differences have persisted to this day and have again become a serious divisive force in the nation.

It is time for those who believe in America, its Constitution, its common laws and its founding principles to stand up and fight for them!

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