Monday, July 17, 2017


The Party

Concern for the Common Man?

There are numerous influential and moneyed individuals and groups that want to tell our House and Senate representatives how to vote and to help them write favorable legislation. Perhaps the most important group is the party leadership. Aye, there's the rub! Their own leadership! Never mind the citizenry; never mind one's own reasoning, or worldview, or common sense, it is party leadership that matters most, and party "leadership" is all about their own, cliquish, arrogant and selfish Ideas of what should go down, how to vote, what policies they want to see effected, who should be elected, who should be steering the log of state, who should be opposed because they don't represent the party or its ideas, and... to hell with the common man, it is party rule and party elections that matter. Except when the little people, the unwashed masses, about half or more of them anyway, need to be cajoled into or lied into or fooled into voting for the party.

Thursday, July 06, 2017


North Korea and the US

The strategic posture of the DPNK is to hold Seoul hostage to prevent US retaliation for their development of nuclear warheads and ICBMs. Their 7,000 or so artillery pieces aimed at the South Korean capital puts some 10 million citizens under the guns. This barrage capability could perhaps be blunted by a preemptive strike by a massive B-52 raid with each plane carrying CBU-105s and their Sensor-Fused Weapons (SFWs). However, it is not clear that such a raid could hit the majority, if not most of the emplaced artillery tubes, leaving Seoul vulnerable to serious devastation and casualties.

There seems to be little alternative to employing tactical nuclear weapons to scrub clean the area north of Seoul of as many tubes as possible in one big preemptive raid, say, by one or two B-52s with nuclear warhead  JDAMs. Having done this as a humanitarian save of the Seoul population, it would be necessary to paralyze the rest of NK, using nuclear EMP explosions at appropriate altitudes to avoid disabling South Korean based systems, but assuredly freezing the armor of the NK army, and any electronic systems as well. Obviously, follow-up raids would be needed to hit surviving systems.

Any option less than this may not be sufficient to prevent the NK from a major offensive against South Korea. The use of nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike will cause condemnation by the rest of the world, if not violence against Americans wherever they are found. In the worst case, retaliation by China or Russia or both with their nuclear missiles might be forthcoming, which would spark off nuclear exchanges on both sides, and most likely the end of civilization as we know it.

A serious dilemma here that appears to favor the DPRK being allowed to continue their development of nuclear weapons capable of striking the US. What is the best solution?

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Conservatism's Main Line (Revised a Bit: 7/1/17)

Really Simple Conservatism

The essence of Conservatism in government is to preserve and reinforce the good things, good ideas, and good laws in the nation, and to work diligently to eliminate the bad things, bad ideas and bad laws as permanently as possible.

While these things, ideas and laws are not precisely all good or all bad, the tendency is to group them into good and bad lists, with the understanding that in the process of undoing a bad thing, idea or law, its good part will be preserved by government as nearly as possible. As in most cases in life, the Devil is in the details.

So, you are a Conservative if you sign up to:

Good Things, Good Ideas, and Good Laws

1. Truth and Honesty

2. Freedom and Liberty

3. Morality and Moral Rectitude

4. Christian Religion, Charity and Religious Tolerance

5. Natural Law

6. Natural Rights

7, Natural Duties

8. The Declaration of Independence

9. The Constitution of the United States (Read Plainly)

10. The Federal System: A Sovereign Nation with Sovereign States

11. Checks and Balances on Power in Government

12. An Electoral System as Prescribed by the Constitution

13. Customs, Traditions, and Institutions Designed to Preserve the Nation

14. Individual Responsibility

15. Common Sense and Practicality; Rejecting Collectivism

16. Fiscal Responsibility and Frugality in Government

17. Balanced Budgets Yearly, with Debt and Debit Reductions Included

18. Prudent Changes to Laws as Needed

19. Prudent and Humane Foreign Policies

20. An Adequate and Modern Defense Force

21. Subsidiarity: Make Decisions at the Lowest Level of Government

22. Free Market System with Adequate Regulation and Tariffs Where Needed

23. Fair Trade and Mutual Defense Treaties with other Nations

24. A Space Policy and Program to Keep the Nation at the Forefront

25. A Judicial System that is Bound only to Interpret the Laws of the Nation

26. A Legislative System that can Extend the Laws at the Will of the People

27. The Will of the People is Represented Properly

28. Prudent Stewardship of the Nation’s Land and Natural Resources

29. Strict Maintenance of the Sovereignty of the Nation

30. Participation in Global Efforts to Improve Other Nations

31. Effective Immigration Policies and Procedures

32. Government Seed Money Properly Used

33. Social Conservative Principles, i.e. Ant-Abortion, Anti-SSM

34. Just Killing (Death Penalty), and Just War

35. Care for the Ill, the Disabled, the Old, and the Handicapped

36. Majority Rule with Minority Protections

Eliminating Bad Things, Bad Ideas, and Bad Laws

1. Lies and Dishonesty in Government

2. Government Restrictions on Freedom and Liberty

3. Moral Relativity and Indiscrimination in Every Way Possible

4. Full Secularization and Depressing Religions

5. Laws Impinging on the Natural Order

6. Laws Impinging on Natural Rights

7 Shirking Natural Duties

8. Bending the Declaration Improperly

9. Bending or Subverting the Constitution Without Due Process

10. Increasing Federal Power at the Expense of the States

11. Subverting the Checks and Balances

12. Championing a Fully Democratic Election (Meaning No Electoral College)

13. Trashing the Existing Customs, Traditions and Institutions Without Proper Cause

14. Collectivism: Socialism. and Communism---Halting Attempts to Gain Power

15. Flights of Do-Good-ism, Irrationality, and Undue Humanitarianism

16. Tax and Spend and Tax and Spend
ad nauseam

17. Deficit Spending Year-in and Year-out

18. Imprudent and Hasty Changes that End Up Being Counterproductive

19. Uneven or Detrimental Policies towards the World of Nations

20. A Mediocre, Out-of-Date or Deficient Military

21. Keeping Decision-Making at a Very High Level Unnecessarily

22. Overregulation or Even Collectivizing the Economy

23. Looking Inward not Outward

24. Killing the Space Programs

25. Judicial Activism and Allowing Foreign Influences in Decisions

26. Government that Ignores the Will of the People

27. The Will of the People is Actively Thwarted

28. Poor Stewardship of our Natural Resources and Land

29. Allowing Foreign Influences to Impinge on our Sovereignty

30. Ignoring the Plight of Other Nations

31. Not Solving either Immigration Problem: Illegals; or Desirables.

32. Government Takeover of Industry

33. Social Hedonism

34. Unjust Killing and Unjust War

35. Minimizing the Care Needed by the Unfortunate

36. Minimizing Minority Protections


Monday, June 26, 2017


Outside The Beltway (OTB):


                              A Liberal and Progressive Hangout

After a few years of dwelling and posting on, I have developed a number of opinions about OTB's usual posters, and the hazards of posting there for those who are of a center-rightist viewpoint. (it occurs to me that these thoughts apply to most other left-leaning sites as well!)  Not all of these posters exhibit such attitudes that I will list, but many of the main ones do in spades! So here are a few things to be aware of when posting on OTB:

1. All rightists, conservatives, Christians and Republicans are wrong by definition. The Constitution is to them seriously flawed and needs replacement, or serious "Living Constitution" modification--by them!

2, If you are identified as rightist, conservative, libertarian or Republican you will be slandered, mocked, told you are an idiot, and any other condemnation they can think of, never mind the quality of your writing.

3. If you post an authoritative comment, with nothing that can be attacked out of hand, you will be ignored, and possibly be called a troll.

4. If your post has one little flaw in thought or composition, you will be pilloried on that one point and the rest of your post will be for naught.

5. If you do not conform to liberal and progressive ideology in your post, you will be either attacked, ignored, or mocked and dismissed. The majority of commenters are liberal or progressive, and sometimes libertarian elites, and they do have considerable intelligence, if somewhat lacking in wisdom.

6. The tens of lurking audience members are also simply hostile to conservatives, Republicans and Christians, so expect many thumbs down.

7. Fallacious arguments, by count nearly 50 of them in the fallacy catalog, will be used to defeat you, especially ad hominem attacks. It is usually difficult to defeat such arguments instantly.

8. Particularly virulent responses will be made if you show that you are:

         a. A climate change denier.

         b. A gun lover, Second Amendment supporter, and against gun control ideas, but very much for gun safety in the home.

         c. Against Obamacare and against a single-payer approach for healthcare.

         d. Concerned about Islamic terrorism worldwide and the rise of the Muslim population in the US, with its real terrorist implications.

         e. Against much of what Obama instituted that violates the  Constitution, or arbitrarily regulates our environment by way of Executive Orders. Removing these provisions is to them idiocy.

         f. A Trump supporter, or support his planned actions, appointments to positions, revoking Obama Executive Orders, etc, you will suffer the indignities of being cursed at and called a  Neanderthal or worse.

         g. Hostile to the current witch hunt against Trump, wrath will come down on your head. Trump is the worst President ever in their estimation, and should be impeached immediately.

         h. For stopping illegal entry into the US, and deporting Illegals at all, such as by building a wall, punishing sanctuary cities, and enforcing current laws. You are inhuman and unworthy of a response.

         i. Hostile to Hillary Clinton, and the whole Clinton clan, you will be chastised or defamed.

         j. Against unconstrained behaviors. The list of unconstrained behaviors in the nation today are heralded by their catchwords and phrases, especially in OTB, and to show their invasive nature,  consider the following list: man is good not evil; there is no such thing as original sin; social justice; living constitution; global governance; political correctness; indiscrimination; multiculturalism; diversity; progressive constitution; free love; evolving morality; victimization;  redistribution of wealth; alternative lifestyles; LBGT rights; trial marriages; progressive education; and hate crimes.

         k. If you indulge in the game of "The Worst Liar", say between  Obama and Trump, you will lose even if you have proof, since Trump is in their eyes the absolute worst liar in history and they will not hold Obama to any standard of truthfulness at all. It is collusion to lie.

         l. If you state an opinion based on your observations, you will probably be challenged to provide a "link" to some "authority" on the subject, but watch out! The only "authorities" they will accept and consider are their own, so they win. This "Authority Game" is well-oiled on OTB, and conservative authors, such as Sowell and Hanson, are given short shrift.

         m. Not very adept at writing, spelling, and punctuation, you will be chastised and mocked.

         n. In short, I believe engagement with these radical, tainted dreamers is sheer folly, except in two places: the courts and the legislature, and we must resist the temptation to answer their drivel. Let them feed on their own nettles for now.

These are the hallmarks of progressivism, secular humanism and atheism that embody unconstrained behavior, and each one is an anathema to conservatives and most Republicans. Each one, and all of them collectively, is a fundamental cause for our degrading, amoral society. We must all work to erase this virulent concoction of radical ideas.

It  is evident from the above list of issues, that there is a very sharp divide in our nation between conservatives and progressive democrats, and between Republicans and Democrats in general as well. The population appears to be split too, just about 50-50, with the coastal populations of California, Oregon and Washington and in the Northeastern states very leftist or blue and the center and south of the nation very rightist or red. Cities and towns appear to be leftist and rural areas very rightist.  Civilized behavior and comity are in short supply.

Compromise on key issues seems to be impossible as the issues affect the central core beliefs on either side. The bellwether issues of this kind are abortion and same sex marriage. To spice the situation up, there are those operating in the nation's judicial system, especially leftist lower court judges, that are mucking things up for their personal beliefs and liberal political gain, most often in deliberate and direct opposition to the provisions of the Constitution and its amendments, and the common law, or even objective reason. Their judicial activism often bends our Constitution into a pretzel.

Today, one can observe in our leftist elites the workings of the thought processes of several adamant collectivists and enemies of the US, notably Saul Alinsky, Gramsci, and Cloward-Piven, all of whom appear to have championed atheistic Humanism, eliding to Socialism and eventually Communism as the wave of the future, and that the US Constitution, our laws, our Christian population and morality, and our institutions must be defeated and a completely new order imposed. Sounds just like Marx and his New Social Man. What we lose is Biblical guidance, the Constitution, freedom, liberty, and the body of common law, to be replaced by what?

Citizens must be willing to spend many years in chaotic, penurious darkness if these so-called reforms are carried out, and the historic outcome has been consistently an eventual totalitarian takeover, since man is inherently evil, not a goody-two-shoes, and power corrupts. The planned ten to twenty years in darkness somehow ran for 70 years in the great CCCP (Soviet Union) enterprise, and millions of anti-Communist thinking citizens were simply disappeared via pogroms and Gulags. Russia is still not out of the totalitarian woods.

This new order would consist of atheistic Progressive/Democratic Elites as the leadership, the Military, and the Rest of Us, and the prevailing religious orientation would be the atheistic beliefs of Scientific Materialism, while Christianity and other religions would be severely depressed. That we have a number of representatives in Congress who ascribe to even a part of these Utopian, collective thinker's ideas is disastrous. Witness Bernie Sanders socialistic approach and thought processes, for example!

President Trump appears to comprehend these critical issues and is taking effective action to do what he can to return us to Constitutionality and objective reason, and that is the main reason for the fierce opposition from the leftist Intellectual Elites to his presidency. More power to him!

Thank God he is our president and not a Progressive shrew that would not only reinforce the current liberal left agenda, but also amplify it in many objectionable directions.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017




Our hurricane woes are increasing; something must be done!


1.  Possible Wars:                 North Korea, China, Iran, ISIS, Iraq, Russia.

                                               Trump rebuilding the military, seeking allies.


2.  Immigration Woes:            Too many bad actors Illegally in the nation.

                                               Trump enforcing laws, building a wall.


3. Regulation Woes:              EPA (and other Departments) excessive zeal.

                                               Trump Executive Orders rescinding many.


4. Financial Woes:                 National Debt, Entitlements excesses, Jobs.

                                               Trump's ten-year resolution. lower taxes


 5. Christian Woes:                Agnosticism, Atheism rising, Morality falling.

                                               A national sickness no politician can fix.


6. Health Care Woes:            Obamacare failing; Trump Care going slowly.

                                               Trump fighting for a better solution.


Massive, mad resistance to the Trump Administration and Trump himself is hurting the nation. and is making resolution of these six hurricanes far more difficult, if not impossible, all due to obstruction and vengeful, fabricated personal attacks on the President and his Administration. The Democratic Party and secular humanism must be held accountable at the polls for this chaotic situation.


Monday, May 29, 2017


A Rant Against Progressivism


       Progressive and Liberal Goals, Directions and Achievements

This list contains the 36 most egregious recent tenets, directions, goals and achievements of modern-day Progressivism and Liberalism. There are many more that could be added, such as free college, but the entries here will do for now:

1.     Abortions---60 Million of them! This is murder, a Decalogue Sin.

2.     Same-Sex Marriage---Throughout the US, making mockery of marriage.

3.      Victimhood---Keeping the poor and disadvantaged in their places.

4.      Redistribution of Wealth---The Robin Hood Syndrome for Government.

5.      Envy of the Rich and Powerful---Equal results for all, a first-class sin: envy!

6.      Open Borders--To bring more victims into the US; including gangsters.

7.      Sanctuary Cities---Support your local Illegal Immigrant.

8.      Minimum Wage---Raise It again and again, and lose low-paying job positions.

9.      Collectivism---Socialism, leading to Communism, and then Totalitarianism.

10.  Elite Rule---First the elites, then the military, and then the rest of us.

11.  Atheism---Denial of the existence of God, wanting a godless world.

12.  Moral Relativism---Indiscrimination writ large; all ethics and moralities are equal.

13.  Political Correctness---A long list of strangling, debate-ending  taboos.

14.  Non-Enforcement of Laws---The laws they don't like are not enforced.

15.  Anthropic Global Warming (AGW)--- Poor science, scam, reaching for power.

16.   Professorships--A Liberal/Progressive lock at many universities.

17.  Saul Alinsky---Rules for radical liberals/progressives to gain power; even lying.

18.  Single-Payer Healthcare---Free healthcare for all from the Government.

19.  Obstructionism---Blocking Republican/Conservative initiatives in any way possible.

20.  Cloward-Piven---Using C-P strategy to break the US system through crises.

21.  Arrogance---Smugness to a fault; inferiority complex, false superiority complex.

22.  Verbal Verbosity---Rapid deluge of ideas, overwhelming opponents with lies.

23.  Unrealistic Ideas---Forcing people into an Inhuman "Modern Man" mold; more lies.

24.  Fallacious Logic--- 50 types of bad logic, difficult to defeat in real time; lies too.

25.  Anti-Second Amendment---Guns are evil! Ban them all, no defense at home.

26.  Anti-Death Penalty--- Bleeding hearts for murderers, traitors and rapists.

27.  Anti-Christianity---Obvious for atheists, collectivists, humanists, all Jesus Deniers.

28.  Hardened Criminals Released---Murderers and other hardened types freed.

29.  Children Raised Irresponsibly--- Humanist Ideas for communes with no parents.

30.  Media Bias---Biases against rational conservative ideas; creating lies.

31.  Gramsci---Adopting Italian communist's plan to conquer a nation for communism.

32.  Foreign Policy---Making enemies of friends---Insulting the UK, France, Italy...

33.  Foreign Policy---Trying to make friends of enemies, Russia, Iran, for example.

34.  The National Debt---Doubled in 8 years under Obama, with no attempt to reduce it.

35.  K12/College Curricula ---Tuned to liberal objectives, omitting key knowledge.

36. Multicultural Diversity--- Diversity for its own sake is simply wrong.



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