Sunday, January 05, 2020


A Mania for Creating Worldviews!


I suppose I am really hung up on writing down all aspects of my personal worldview. After dwelling on it for some time, I stumbled into a novel idea: why do I do this? What has caused me to spend countless words and sentences on the concept of a worldview? Why hadn't I asked this question long ago? Mea culpa!

Turning my attention to this fundamental question that ought to have been asked earlier, I came up with the following rationale:

1. Writing down my worldview is a very satisfying discovery act of what I believe and what I should be able to articulate,

2. This effort assures that I work through and cover just about all of the main issues in life that concern me in a systematic way,

3. The written version then acts as cut-in-stone memory of my thoughts at a given time,

4. As things in this world evolve, the writing provides a framework with which to integrate the changes of my views in a logical manner, and to assess the impacts of changes more systematically across the spectrum of ideas,

5. One other significant use is to evaluate the candidates in an election by comparing their statements with my own ideas: of course, the closer to my ideas the better!

6. Finally, it is a worldview I can share with others as appropriate, and even use it to compare platforms of political parties, both with my worldview, and with those of the main parties to each other, given sufficient data.

The second question is, of course, what subjects should a well formed worldview cover to meet the above uses, and to what depth? (I will leave the issue of depth until later) Here is my basic list of subjects:

Health & Welfare
Natural Resources
Science, Engineering & Technology

Land, Sea, Air & Space/Cosmology
Foreign Nations
The UN
Other Treaties
The Media

The issue of depth is a bit harder to define. In a way it is up to the writer to determine what depth he is satisfied with to meet his uses. I certainly want to cover the main ideas within each subject to a level that allows me to understand their impact on my life, but not so far as to write myself to death! Truly, each of the above subjects can demand many books to cover them in an accurate and complete manner. I simply want to address the highlights and opinions of importance, and leave the details to the books that exist on each subject in my library.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Gun Controls

Gun Control Legislation

 Several law changes appear to be favorites by  legislatures, including: 1) Banning semi-automatic weapons;  2) A maximum of 10 rounds in Magazines; 3) Specifically banning rifles and carbines in the popular AR-15 configuration; 4) deeper background checks with Red Flag steps; and, 5) Restricting purchases of weapons to one per month.

 There are a number of objections to these projected laws:

·     It is the kliller at fault, not the weapon he uses.

·     The police cannot respond fast enough to a threat.

·     Cities with the most restrictive gun control laws have the most gun crimes.

·     Suicides will continue regardless of gun restrictions, simply by changing the method used.

·     Citizens, especially the elderly, will have fewer capabilities to defend themselves, in particular against the common type of breakins by an armed two or three-man team. In the rush to defend, many more rounds are needed simply because most citizens in panic mode cannot hit their targets accurately, using up their available ammo if restricted to ten rounds.

·     Deeper background checks will not be supported by the medical profession broadly and effectively, and a number of Red Flag events will become a tool of revenge, setting in motion false efforts.

·     Criminals will acquire and use banned guns despite all laws.

·     Then, of course, there is the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which seems to be ignored.

 One component of these efforts seems to be blind fear of guns instead of more rigorous logic in applying the laws.                     


Sunday, August 25, 2019


What do we require of a president?

Two dozen attributes most of us hold to be true of our candidate!

    1.           Judeo-Christian Belief System: God, Jesus. the Holy Spirit

    2.           A Command Presence

    3.           Intelligence and Quick Learning

    4.           Guts and a Thick Skin

    5.           Business Experience

    6.           International Experience

    7.           Firm Grasp of the Constitution and Derivative Laws

    8.           Well Informed about the Political Opposition

    9.           Must be a Gifted Orator

10.           An Honest, True and Patriotic American

11.           A Great Memory

12.           Keen Knowledge of Modern Technology

13.           Sufficient Knowledge of Economics and the Financial System

14.           Has Knowledge of Our Massive Government (Over 1,250 Agencies)

15.           Approachable and Friendly Attitude Towards All

16.           Is a Proven Leader of Men and Excellent Judgment of Others

17.           Major Executive Experience

18.           Can be a Father Figure for Those Who Need it.

19.           Truly Loves to Travel by All Means

20.           Rejects the Entire Spectrum of Collective Government Concepts

21.           Has Extensive Name Recognition in the Nation

22.           A Background Free of Any Sins

23.           Fundamental Knowledge of Good and Evil

24.           Has a Well Thought Out Plan for Governing

We are blessed if we can find someone with a majority of these attributes!

I believe that Donald Trump scores well on the most of these attributes!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Elements of Patriotism

Love of Country Without Conditions

A Love That Comes from the Heart

Our Constitution That Has Held Up for Over 230 Years: 2019 -1789

The Declaration of Independence: 1776

Freedoms We Cherish: Speech; Religion; Assembly; Movement

Inalienable Rights Conferred on Us

Tradition, Looking Back At A History of Patriotism

Obligation, Looking Forward: Keep Building That Shining City on a Hill

Thankfulness To be Born in America

Pride in All We Have Accomplished

Countless Graves of Patriots, Real Heroes, Here and Overseas

They Are An Unwritten Debt That Can Never be Repaid

Thursday, May 30, 2019


A Brief Outline of Secularism or the Secular Humanism World View

Today we are seeing a rising interest in variations of socialism that are not quite the full bore version, but are much further down the road than we are now. Yes, we do spend over 65% of our government revenue on various forms of entitlements and social benefits to groups is some particular need, but we have not proceeded to nationalize our private industries or any major part of them as required by socialistic theory and practice.

There are, however, significant segments of society that are flirting with how to go well beyond the current 65% and are pressing towards a minimum salary for everyone, along with reparations(!) and, if you follow the green plan. more trains and less cars and airplanes among the inexplicable and unaffordable excesses that are supposed to help cure the CO2 menace forthwith. This is like trying to shoot ducks with a 16-inch battleship cannon---a maximum effort for almost no return.

One of the systems the Democrats are flirting with is called Secular Humanism (SM), and it generally satisfies its adherents that they have found Nirvana, and their rewards are substantial, at least until the money runs out (which it inevitably will!). We need to understand just what SM adherents want for a world view, since many forces are aligned to attempt to bring some of these goodies to the public, however watered down they end up being.

The Secular part immediately implies the demise of religion as a driving force in society, and the Humanist approach harkens back to "Man is the measure of all things, especially in society." There went our Constitution! The Rule of Man would replace the Rule of Law.

Used here is a relatively well-known outline of the major aspects for a world view championed by Meyers and Noebel*. The simple World View of Secular Humanism is as follows:

Theology ==>                         Atheism

Philosophy ==>                      Materialism or Naturalism

Ethics ==>                             Moral Relativism or Utilitarianism

Biology ==>                            New Darwinism

Psychology ==>                      Self Actualization

Sociology ==>                        Personal Autonomy

Law ==>                                 Legal Positivism (morality ignored)

Politics ==>                            Progressivism

Economics ==>                      Economic Interventionism or "Socialism Light"

History ==>                            Social Progress

If one really understands the elements of this world view, which should be satisfactorily defined by the reader for himself, you can reach several conclusions:

1. Under this Utopian scheme, all of Christianity and its moral absolutes would be ignored.

2. The entitlements would expand enormously, perhaps as far as 80%, paid for by nationalizing key industries.

3.  The predilection of Democrats to tax and spend would have free reign.

4. This would be a waypoint to full Socialism and eventually Communism.

5. America as we know it would disappear as would the American Dream.

6. So would our automobiles, and planes disappear, and who knows what else?

7. The idea that children should be raised separately from their parents in order to brainwash them into good little Humanists or Socialists is part of the thinking of Secular Humanists. This idea was removed from their Manifesto, but remains in their game plan.

8. There would be three classes of citizens: the Elite; the Military; and the rest of us.

The Democrats are serious about SM, especially as it comes close to Socialism, although they cannot lay it out as has been done here.

*From "Understanding The Times" by Jeff Meyers and David A. Noebel, Summit Ministries, 2015.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


One View of Atheism

Some time ago, as I developed my worldview in diagrammatic form, I realized that the belief system I was creating based upon my view of God, very clearly separated that Godly belief from a belief in various forms of morality, virtue, right reason, truth, freedom, and just about everything having to do with The American Way; in short, it included atheism. What was left out, of course, was the belief in the Bible, the life and death of Jesus, resurrection, salvation, and heaven after death.

What this could mean for atheists then is the view that this life was all there is, and there is nothing to look forward to in an afterlife. The mark they leave on the nation, good or bad, and the world too, is the only possible legacy of their lives.

Of the many ways an atheist could express himself, I selected three obvious possible types:

Type 1) He merges into the general public virtually indistinguishable from all others, except he doesn't go to church and he tends to socialize with his kindred spirits on the Left and likely accepts some form of Natural Law. He does not represent a threat to the nation;

Type 2) He very loudly proclaims his atheism and argues incessantly with Christians and others over the issues he holds against religion, but he is a true American despite his lack of belief in God and his left-thinking. A very annoying sort, but not a threat to the nation;

Type 3)  He is not only an atheist, he readily turns to support various forms of Leftward Collectivity, such as Progressivism, Socialism or Communism, quite largely in the belief that he and his kind are more intelligent, more attuned to the world, and better able to direct the lives of the rest of us than under our so-called outdated and rickety Constitution, our economic system, and our wildly unpredictable political system. His mindset has been shaped by outside influences to believe he is most definitely in the right and the most rational of people.

He, too, is destined to argue not only against our American way of life, but also our government, our political system, our economic system, and our Christian religion. Most probably he hates Trump and most other rich people with a passion.

He downplays the many outstanding historical failures of atheistic Collectivism, attributing the failures to the vagaries of mankind that he and his compatriots would be able to master if only they had the power. Then too, they believe they are smart enough to run the complex economy we have using computers for the better good of the citizens.

Finally, he believes in shaping the mindset of our citizens to become adherents to the new Collective way over time. This type is indeed a threat to the nation. Some radicals of this type champion the Marxist idea of destruction of the nation in order to rebuild it in the Communist way.

Do these types resonate with any of the denizens we know? It would be wise to identify very carefully the 3rd types in our society and keep them in clear view, as well as recognizing their small and large efforts to convert our citizens to their way of thinking.

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