Friday, June 01, 2018



A Sad State of Affairs

What I see, what I read, and what I sense about our society is very hard to identify.  It is composed of many facets, including:

              1.           Order on one side, but Chaos on the other side

              2.           Godliness on one side, but Atheism on the other side

              3.           Good Will on one side, but Will-Busting on the other side

              4.           Reason and Common Sense on one side, but Anti-Reason and Negation on the other

              5.           Virtues on one side, but Denial of Virtues on the other side

              6.           The Common Man on one side, but Self-Centered Elites on the other side

              7.           Morality on one side, but Amorality and Immorality on the other side

              8.           A Pleasant Life on one side, but Arguments Galore on the other

              9.           A Desire for Peace and Tranquility on one side, but Strife, Condemnation, Lies, and False Premises on the other side

        10.           Our Constitution on one side, but some sort of Flexible Set of Changing Words for Law on the other side

        11.           Reverence for Our Founders on one side, but Character Assassination on the other

        12.           Faith in Our Customs, Traditions and Institutions on one side, but Deliberate Destruction of them on the other side

        13.           Men of Good Will, Common Sense, and Morality can add to this list...

Monday, May 14, 2018


                         A Worldview in 72 Phrases                      

After outlining my worldview, and writing well over 200 pages on the subject matter, It occurred to me that I could convey much of the same set of ideas using a set of short phrases drawn from the effort.

While it turned out to be 72 phrases, not a simple few, I believe these phrases do the job. Many of the phrases are mere introductions to quite complex subjects that ordinarily would take extensive development to do them justice; such development I will reserve for my full worldview, and will use the phrases as placeholders for the ultimate treatment. An amusing thought occurred to me: this list treats much of what President Trump faces and appears to agree with.


    1.           Belief in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and The Bible (KJV)

    2.           Big Bang Cosmology, 14.7 Billion Years Ago

    3.           The Multiverse is an Abstraction and Unobservable Non-Science

    4.           Believe that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Will Be Joined

    5.           Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old

    6.           Belief in Christianity and Thomism

    7.           Intelligent Design, Creation, and not Neo-Darwinian Evolution

    8.           The First Cell Had Enormous Information Content---Where From?

    9.           Believe in American Can-Do Spirit; Treasure Our Patriots

10.           Natural Law Should be Fully Recognized

11.           Freedom and Liberty are Our Legacy and Must be Our Destiny

12.           The Constitution is the Law of the Land

13.           Follow the Rule of Law; Law and Order is the American Way

14.           The American Republic Must be Defended; Love of Country

15.           Strong Belief in Constitutional Property Rights

16.           Unity of Virtues; Integrity Sums Up All Virtues

17.           Practice Fiscal, Social and Political Conservatism

18.           A K12 Comprehensive Education is Essential

19.           Many Students are Not College Material: Vocational Training

20.           Learn the Use of Right Reason, Logic and Tradeoffs

21.           Reject Collectivist and Utopian Ideas

22.           Support a Strong Christian Work Ethic

23.           Keep American Customs, Traditions, and Institutions

24.           Maintain Majority Rule With Minority Rights

25.            Show Your Patriotism Proudly!

26.           Support State's Rights and Sovereignty

27.           National Sovereignty Must be Inviolate

28.           Refuse Entry of Islamic Jihadists Into the US

29.           Continue the Global War on Terror(GWOT or GWOIT)

30.           Always Seek the Truth

31.           Maintain Free Markets with Constraints

32.           Create Fair Trade Policies

33.           Deemphasize the UN and Pay Less

34.           Promote Alliances With Other Democracies

35.           Conserve the Environment

36.           Investigate Climate Changes, AGW is Not Settled Science

37.           We Must Fix Our Infrastructure

38.           Emphasize Businesses Large and Small

39.           Media, Sports and Entertainment Bias Needs Correction

40.           Proper Provision of Healthcare

41.           Support a Flat Tax and no Other Taxes at All

42.           Reject Government Unions

43.           Give Public Employees a Fair Livelihood

44.           Peace Through Overwhelming Military Strength

45.           Maintain the Capability of the Military-Industrial Complex

46.           Maintain and Improve Nuclear War Capability; MAD

47.           Subsidiarity: Make Decisions at the Lowest Level Possible

48.           Believe in Just War and Just Death Penalty

49.           Education is a State Responsibility, Not a Federal Responsibility

50.           Practice the Golden Rule

51.           Pass a Comprehensive Immigration Law

52.           Counter Elitists and Elitist Ideas Forcefully

53.           Make Prudent and Beneficial Changes to Policies and Procedures

54.           Promote Science and Engineering

55.           Guard Against a Deep State Arising Once More

56.           Manage the National Debt Effectively

57.           Manage the Yearly Debit Prudently: The Goal is a Balanced Budget

58.           Reject All Attempts to Establish a Global Government

59.           Promote a National Service Corps for Ages 18-25

60.           Maintain an Aggressive Space Program

61.           It is Probable that Extraterrestrials Exist

62.           Physical Security of Schools Must be Enhanced

63.           Cyber Security and Countercyber Must be Enhanced

64.           Trump is Making America Great Again(MAGA)!

65.           Support the 2nd Amendment

66.           Grieve That US Auto Production Becomes Solely Truck-Based

67.           Continue the War on Drugs

68.           Create Problem State Policies: Russia, China, Iran, Korea

69.           Confirm Israeli and Mid East Policy

70.           Continue Friendly Nations Policies

71.           Work on Other Key Nations Policies

72.           Work on Developing Nations Policies


1. The King James Bible
2. Understanding Our Time
s, by Jeff Myers and David Noebel
3. How Now Shall We Live, by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey
4. What We Can't Not Know, by J, Budziszewski
5. Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye and David Noebel
6. The Complete C.S. Lewis, a Signature Classic
7. Written on the Heart, by J. Budziszewski
8. The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen
9. The Big Questions, by Nils Ch. Rauhut
10. Natural Law and Human Nature, by Father J. Koterski, S.J.
11. Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell
12.The World is Curved by David M. Smick
13.Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C. Meyer
14.The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene
15.The Liberal Mind, by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D
16. Darwin's Doubt, by Stephen C. Meyer
17  The World Order, by Henry Kissinger
18.  The Conservative Mind, by Russell Kirk
19.  The Liberty Amendments, by Mark R. Levin
20.  The Concise Conservative Encyclopedia, Brad Minor, Editor
21.  The Snapping of the American Mind, by David Kupelian

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Show-Stoppers I Have Met

Sooner or later most everyone runs headlong into one or more of the ultimate show-stoppers.  Whether it in religion, science, extraterrestrials, cosmology, weather or what have you, mentally you bang your head into one or more of the unanswerable questions, and immediately assume one of the following attitudes:

1) You assume an answer that satisfies you;

2) Many finesse the question by assuming that sooner or later the question will be answered;

3) Challenge the question itself; that is, why pose a question that is unanswerable?

4) You Create a plausible answer and fake or select the evidence.

So, let's look at a few of these questions and see what your responses are:

1) Does God Exist?

2) Is there Life After Death?

3) Why is there Something Rather than Nothing?

4) Why Does the Universe, Man and Life Exist?

5) Why Don't We Live for an Aeon, or at least 900 years?

6) Will America Last for an Aeon?

7) Will Planet Earth Last for an Aeon?

8) Will AGW (Climate Change) Cause a Serious Catastrophe?

9) Is Panspermia the Origin of Man, and, if so, What Was Its Origin?

10) Has Neo-Darwinism Correctly Mapped How Life Evolves?

11) Are there Multiple Universes in the Cosmos?

12) On the Origin of Life, is it by Biogenesis or Abiogenesis?

13) Will We Ever Decode the Full DNA for Man?

14) Will We Discover The Theory of Everything?

15) What is Dark Matter?

16) Do Extraterrestrials Exist?

17) Will We Ever Meet Extraterrestrials?

18) Will We Discover Evidence of Sentient Life in the Solar System?

19) Will Space Travel in the Solar System ever be Practical?

20) Where did the Information come from to Form the First Cell of Life?

Feel free to add your own show-stoppers to the list!

(I will post my own answers subsequently.)

Thursday, January 04, 2018


Hoped-For Outcomes for 2018


[This is a 2018 Work in Progress]

1) Leftism: The tilt to the Left becomes a tilt to the Right.

2) Drug Wars: We make substantial progress to damp down illicit drugs.

3) The Deep State: The hurtful, undemocratic collusion is ended.

4) Illegal Immigration: We pass a comprehensive immigration policy.

5) Conservatism: The Conservative Party grows massively.

6) LGBT: We tolerate them, but do not let them dominate;

7) Christianity: That the Church grows in membership and influence.

8) Multiculturalism and Diversity: We shed this deleterious meme

9) Millennials: See that they grow in awareness, common sense & Patriotism, Love of Country.

10) Congress: Obstructionism gives way to Constructivism.

11) Family: Let the family retain or regain its authority and status.

12) Abortion: Repeal of Roe versus Wade.

13) Education: Deemphasize the Unions, devolve the DE, Mend Curricula; Education is a State problem; Subsidiarity; Deemphasize Darwinism; For most parents, Home Schooling is the preferred method today.

14) Church versus State Separation: Nonsense, there isn't such an idea in the Constitution or its amendments. Restore Christianity.

15) Gun Control: No further legislation beyond Universal Carry provisions.

16) Healthcare: We must find an effective solution, not Obamacare.

17) Infrastructure: Put the builders and maintainers to work; Use Federal, State, & Local finances and capabilities.

18) Foreign Policy: Do a significant overhaul, restoring our fair share of trade balances, reaffirm mutual defense treaties, make alliances great again, Deemphasize the UN in favor of alliances with democratic nations.

19) Conflicts: Go for the win, go for the client win, or get out; forget nation building. Clients: Iraq; Afghanistan; South Korea; Israel; Opponents: Iran; Palestine; North Korea; Russia; China;

20) Finances: Plan for and start reducing the National Debt; Reexamine the Federal Reserve; spend judicially; work towards a balanced budget.

21) Defense: Ensure a strong military; Enhance missile defenses,

22) Politics: Win and Hold Seats for Conservatives in 2018.

23) Utopian Ideas: Totally Reject Humanism; Socialism, Communism & Islam; and Purge from Government those who do believe in one or the other;

24) National Service:  Organize an 18 to 24 month NS Program allowing High School grads to work as apprentices in government service, including the military.(9)

Hoped-For Outcomes for 2019 and Beyond:

1) 2019: Continue addressing 2018 Outcomes, Initiatives as Needed.

2) Congress: Address Congressional Failures and Fix Them; Reduce the need for constant digging for campaign money.

3) SCOTUS: Ensure a Strong, Lasting Conservative Majority.

4) Government: Reduce the Size and Complexity of Government; Reduce fraud, waste, and duplication of functions; Rework the employee hiring and firing rules & install an effective merit system, thus requiring employees to perform or else let them go. Review every government agency to justify its Existence, Functions, Programs, Budget and Staff; Remove all Obama appointees.

5) Unions: Disband Government Unions & Educational Unions.

6) Justice: Investigate Clinton Activities Further; Investigate The Deep State for illegal collusion practices.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The American Internal Conflict

President Trump Has His Work Cut Out For Him

On the one side of this conflict you have the Elites and their fellow travelers, the MSM, TV News, The Academics, almost Half the Congress, the Deep State, and sundry other Trump-Haters. On the other side you have the Middle Class Working Americans and some others that voted Trump into office and cheers him on to realize his very welcome agenda.  Simply put, it is a war between the Elites and the Common Man.

This war between the manicured elites and the dirty-handed, ordinary people is going to last as long as Trump is in office, and even beyond, since the fundamental issues in this war will remain . Fundamental issues such as:

1. Preservation of the Constitution,

2. Growing the Economy and Jobs,

3. Defending the Nation,

4, Assuring the Role of Christianity in a Diverse Society,

5, Defending the Nation against Utopian Ideologues and threatening Religions: Humanism; Socialism; Communism; Islam, etc.

6. Defending the Nation against Identity Politics, and Multiculturalism/Diversity/Political Correctness,

7. Ensuring Fair and Necessary Taxation,

8, Reform of Immigration Policy

9. Countering the Deep State Effectively,

10. Slimming Down the Government,

11. Reducing the National Debt,

12. Restoring Pride, Patriotism, and the Work Ethic to all Americans,

13. Bringing Affordable Healthcare to the Nation,

14. Reworking the Education System to Benefit Our Students,

15. Reducing government waste, fraud, inefficiency, and bad employees.

I applaud President Trump for his promises and their fulfillment going forward; I hope he gets a second term to put paid to these issues completely.

A remarkable fact is that the US Government has over 1,240
departments, bureaus, committees, agencies, boards, commissions, councils, services and other organization types, each of which has a budget, a staff, offices, a constituency of needy or perhaps well-heeled souls, and a charter or mission to do some business of the government, according to the LSU Database of Government Entities.

 Obama naturally made sure that LSU carefully hid their original summation of these entities because it would reflect on him as he pursued adding many more, some say another 100 or more, to the pot via Obamacare. To make this situation more difficult, each of these entities has one or more congressmen and senators dedicated to their continued survival, and even real growth in their mission, power, and funding.

This gaggle of entities is certainly one part of what we call the Deep State, and to change it by reducing the size or the existence of these operations provokes a serious fight with the supporting congressmen and the constituency they serve. So fighting against a significant portion of the 1,240 entities is a daunting thought to anyone: I hope Trump is up to it! I understand that Reagan attempted to cut this number down, but he only managed to take away about 100 of them.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


        A Brief Comparison Between
Conservatism and the Far Left
                 The Left
Belief in God & Christianity
Belief in State and Man, not God                
Faith, Hope & Charity
Nihilism, Welfare
A Christian Values System
An Ad Hoc Values System
For Christian Morality
For Moral Relativism
For Religious Freedom
For Agnosticism & Atheism
For Democracy and the Republic
For Revolution to Socialism, Temp.
For the Constitution
For Elite Rule & Communism
For Peaceful Demonstrations
For Riots and Violence
Respect for the Office of President
Clamoring for Impeachment
Evasions and Lies
For the People
For the State
For Peace, Happiness, & Freedom
For Revolution & Transformation
For Effective Controlled Change
For Immediate Radical Change
For Order and Discipline
For Chaos and Aids to Revolution
For Smaller Government
For Large Controlling Government
Thinks of Past, Present and Future
Thinks of Today
For the Right to Life
For Abortion at any Stage
For a Free Economy
For Redistribution of Wealth
Judicial Fidelity
For Judicial Activism
For Jobs
For Handouts, Dependency
For Free Markets
For Socialism, Then Communism
For Free Flow of Legislation
For Obstruction of Legislation
For the Second Amendment
For Confiscation of Guns
For Positive Action
For Meaningless Talk-Talk
For Charity
For Special Government Handouts
For Comity and Congeniality
For Ad Hominem Attacks
For the Citizens
For the So-Called Elites & State
For Legal Immigration
For Illegal Immigration and Amnesty
For Military Strength
For Military Reductions
For Nuclear Retaliation and MAD
For Nuclear Disarmament
For Christian Marriage
For Same Sex Marriage
For States Rights
For Powerful Central Government
For Verbal Clarity
For Verbal Verbosity
Natural Demeanor
Totally Smug and Nasty Grins
Reserved, Factual and Polite
Angry, Denying and Jarring
Tends to Avoid Legal Action
Sues at the Drop of a Hat-(ACLU!)
A Goal of Tolerance
Intolerant, Especially of Christians
For Proper Crisis Management
Never Miss Opportunities of Crises
For Useful Critiques
For Damaging the Administration
For Custom & Tradition
Challenges Custom and Tradition
For Current Institutions & Mediators
Challenges our Institutions
For Practical & Beneficial Steps
Ridicules the Proposals
For Reliable Citizens
Produces Unreliable Citizens
For Best Education K12 & College
For Damaging Socialistic Education
For American Culture
For Multicultural Diversity
For Clear Straight talk
For Politically Correct Usage
For Absolute Morality
For Moral Relativity
Against Humanism
For Humanism
Against Socialism
For Socialism
Against Communism
For Communism Sooner or Later
Against Utopianism in all Forms
For the Dreams of Utopianism
         Sane and Balanced
      Deliberately Unbalanced
      With Malice Aforethought


This comparison is based on a number of sources, including: The KJV of the Bible; The Conservative Encyclopedia; The Humanist Manifestoes I,II and 2000; The National Platforms of the Socialist Party(multiple years); The Communist Manifesto; and a series of books and papers: Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky; The Cloward/Piven Strategy; The Works of Antonio Gramsci; How Now Shall We Live by Charles Colson; The Snapping of the American Mind by David Kupelian, Understanding the Times by Jeff Meyers and David Noebel; and many others.




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