Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Christian Worldview and Thought Processes

We Christians, in forming our worldview, have a problem of the hierarchy of Christian thought processes:

God is first in thought.
Then comes Theology.
Then comes His Guidance, Commandments and Bible References.
Followed by One's personal Philosophy.
We hold to a Virtuous Life: Faith; Hope; Charity; Prudence;
Temperance; Justice; Fortitude; Truth-telling and Honesty.
And then, the Ethics of Christian Life.
Biology of Life comes next.
Then an Individual's Psychology.
And then, the Applicable Sociology of the Nation.
Then comes Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Natural Duties.
Then comes our Constitution, which reflects Natural Law.
Common Law flows from Natural Law, and it must not violate Natural Law.
And only then comes Politics, which must have results that are compatible or non-interfering with Natural Law, and the common law that follows.
Any thought process discussed within the subject of Politics must not due violence to any of the preceding thoughts stated above, or they are ungodly. (This is not to say one cannot discuss Law at all, just that no harm must be done to the above structure of thought)
The subject of Economics then follows.
And finally, History: Redemption especially.

Given these constraints, any discussion of Political thoughts must involve the question of the Political thoughts satisfying the prior conditions established by Religion. Hence you cannot separate Politics from Religion, since it is a integral part of a Christian Worldview and Religion.
This is also why true separation of church and state is not possible, and not called for in our Constitution, although other religions would like it to be so.

A Christian Worldview has the virtue of guidance and direction from God.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


They all Share the Blame!

White Supremacists, BLM, Neo-Nazi's, and Antifa all have differing but serious moral flaws and all share in the blame for the events in Charlottesville. Hence, Trump's reaction was very correct indeed. He included Antifa, which the Left excuses from their vicious actions, and the pile-on commenced, unfairly berating Trump for his true assessment. The truth must prevail!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017


A Few Sources for Our Constitution

(Derived from : "The 5000 Year Leap", by W. Cleon Skousen,

The National Center for Constitutional Studies, 2009)


The Bible;

The Torah;

Avoidance of Ruler's Law;

Avoidance of Anarchy;

Avoidance of Collectivism

Early People's Law of Israel;

Early Greek Law;

Early Roman Law;

Cicero's Commentary on Law;

Natural Law of St. Thomas Aquinas;

Anglo-Saxon Law;

British Common Law;

The Great Law of Peace (from the Iroquois Nation)

The Federalist Papers.

28 Principles Derived from the Above:

1.          Natural Law

2.          Virtuous People

3.          Virtuous Leaders

4.          The Role of Religion

5.          The Role of the Creator

6.          All Men are Created Equal

7.          Equal Rights not Equal Things

8.          Unalienable Rights of Man

9.          The Role of Revealed Law

10.             Sovereignty of the People

11.              How Government can be Altered

12.             A Republic not a Democracy

13.              Protection Against Human Frailty

14.              Property Rights

15.              Free Market Economics

16.              Separation of Powers

17.              Checks and Balances

18.              A Written Constitution

19.              Limiting the Powers of Government

20.              Majority Rule with Minority Rights

21.              Local Self-Government

22.              Government by Law not by Men

23.              An Educated Electorate

24.              Peace Through Strength

25.              Avoiding Entangling Alliances

26.              Protecting the Role of the Family

27.              Avoiding Debt???

28.              The Sense of Manifest Destiny.

All of the above principles are easily found in the Constitution and the thoughts of the founders. What is not so obvious is the inclusion of most of the principles of Natural Law as well. In fact, to study the Constitution is to study the essential principles of Natural Law itself.



Today we see and hear little of the joyful spirit of our citizens in the newspapers or on television. But it is there nevertheless. America resides in our hearts and in our many blessings to have been born in this nation. We still have great pride stemming from our beliefs in the system created for us by our forefathers, and defended against powerful enemies by our many dedicated soldiers, sailors and airmen.

It is with great joy that we celebrate our founding, and it is with deep respect that we reflect on how this nation was formed and how it has endured over 241 years. In further reflection on our nation we feel the hope and can-do spirit that guides us to make the nation even better in the future, and the fundamental spirit that moves us to venerate the Constitution, and to defend it passionately for the sake of the lives of our children and our children's children.

God Bless America!

Monday, July 17, 2017


The Party

Concern for the Common Man?

There are numerous influential and moneyed individuals and groups that want to tell our House and Senate representatives how to vote and to help them write favorable legislation. Perhaps the most important group is the party leadership. Aye, there's the rub! Their own leadership! Never mind the citizenry; never mind one's own reasoning, or worldview, or common sense, it is party leadership that matters most, and party "leadership" is all about their own, cliquish, arrogant and selfish Ideas of what should go down, how to vote, what policies they want to see effected, who should be elected, who should be steering the log of state, who should be opposed because they don't represent the party or its ideas, and... to hell with the common man, it is party rule and party elections that matter. Except when the little people, the unwashed masses, about half or more of them anyway, need to be cajoled into or lied into or fooled into voting for the party.

Thursday, July 06, 2017


North Korea and the US

The strategic posture of the DPNK is to hold Seoul hostage to prevent US retaliation for their development of nuclear warheads and ICBMs. Their 7,000 or so artillery pieces aimed at the South Korean capital puts some 10 million citizens under the guns. This barrage capability could perhaps be blunted by a preemptive strike by a massive B-52 raid with each plane carrying CBU-105s and their Sensor-Fused Weapons (SFWs). However, it is not clear that such a raid could hit the majority, if not most of the emplaced artillery tubes, leaving Seoul vulnerable to serious devastation and casualties.

There seems to be little alternative to employing tactical nuclear weapons to scrub clean the area north of Seoul of as many tubes as possible in one big preemptive raid, say, by one or two B-52s with nuclear warhead  JDAMs. Having done this as a humanitarian save of the Seoul population, it would be necessary to paralyze the rest of NK, using nuclear EMP explosions at appropriate altitudes to avoid disabling South Korean based systems, but assuredly freezing the armor of the NK army, and any electronic systems as well. Obviously, follow-up raids would be needed to hit surviving systems.

Any option less than this may not be sufficient to prevent the NK from a major offensive against South Korea. The use of nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike will cause condemnation by the rest of the world, if not violence against Americans wherever they are found. In the worst case, retaliation by China or Russia or both with their nuclear missiles might be forthcoming, which would spark off nuclear exchanges on both sides, and most likely the end of civilization as we know it.

A serious dilemma here that appears to favor the DPRK being allowed to continue their development of nuclear weapons capable of striking the US. What is the best solution?

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Conservatism's Main Line (Revised a Bit: 7/1/17)

Really Simple Conservatism

The essence of Conservatism in government is to preserve and reinforce the good things, good ideas, and good laws in the nation, and to work diligently to eliminate the bad things, bad ideas and bad laws as permanently as possible.

While these things, ideas and laws are not precisely all good or all bad, the tendency is to group them into good and bad lists, with the understanding that in the process of undoing a bad thing, idea or law, its good part will be preserved by government as nearly as possible. As in most cases in life, the Devil is in the details.

So, you are a Conservative if you sign up to:

Good Things, Good Ideas, and Good Laws

1. Truth and Honesty

2. Freedom and Liberty

3. Morality and Moral Rectitude

4. Christian Religion, Charity and Religious Tolerance

5. Natural Law

6. Natural Rights

7, Natural Duties

8. The Declaration of Independence

9. The Constitution of the United States (Read Plainly)

10. The Federal System: A Sovereign Nation with Sovereign States

11. Checks and Balances on Power in Government

12. An Electoral System as Prescribed by the Constitution

13. Customs, Traditions, and Institutions Designed to Preserve the Nation

14. Individual Responsibility

15. Common Sense and Practicality; Rejecting Collectivism

16. Fiscal Responsibility and Frugality in Government

17. Balanced Budgets Yearly, with Debt and Debit Reductions Included

18. Prudent Changes to Laws as Needed

19. Prudent and Humane Foreign Policies

20. An Adequate and Modern Defense Force

21. Subsidiarity: Make Decisions at the Lowest Level of Government

22. Free Market System with Adequate Regulation and Tariffs Where Needed

23. Fair Trade and Mutual Defense Treaties with other Nations

24. A Space Policy and Program to Keep the Nation at the Forefront

25. A Judicial System that is Bound only to Interpret the Laws of the Nation

26. A Legislative System that can Extend the Laws at the Will of the People

27. The Will of the People is Represented Properly

28. Prudent Stewardship of the Nation’s Land and Natural Resources

29. Strict Maintenance of the Sovereignty of the Nation

30. Participation in Global Efforts to Improve Other Nations

31. Effective Immigration Policies and Procedures

32. Government Seed Money Properly Used

33. Social Conservative Principles, i.e. Ant-Abortion, Anti-SSM

34. Just Killing (Death Penalty), and Just War

35. Care for the Ill, the Disabled, the Old, and the Handicapped

36. Majority Rule with Minority Protections

Eliminating Bad Things, Bad Ideas, and Bad Laws

1. Lies and Dishonesty in Government

2. Government Restrictions on Freedom and Liberty

3. Moral Relativity and Indiscrimination in Every Way Possible

4. Full Secularization and Depressing Religions

5. Laws Impinging on the Natural Order

6. Laws Impinging on Natural Rights

7 Shirking Natural Duties

8. Bending the Declaration Improperly

9. Bending or Subverting the Constitution Without Due Process

10. Increasing Federal Power at the Expense of the States

11. Subverting the Checks and Balances

12. Championing a Fully Democratic Election (Meaning No Electoral College)

13. Trashing the Existing Customs, Traditions and Institutions Without Proper Cause

14. Collectivism: Socialism. and Communism---Halting Attempts to Gain Power

15. Flights of Do-Good-ism, Irrationality, and Undue Humanitarianism

16. Tax and Spend and Tax and Spend
ad nauseam

17. Deficit Spending Year-in and Year-out

18. Imprudent and Hasty Changes that End Up Being Counterproductive

19. Uneven or Detrimental Policies towards the World of Nations

20. A Mediocre, Out-of-Date or Deficient Military

21. Keeping Decision-Making at a Very High Level Unnecessarily

22. Overregulation or Even Collectivizing the Economy

23. Looking Inward not Outward

24. Killing the Space Programs

25. Judicial Activism and Allowing Foreign Influences in Decisions

26. Government that Ignores the Will of the People

27. The Will of the People is Actively Thwarted

28. Poor Stewardship of our Natural Resources and Land

29. Allowing Foreign Influences to Impinge on our Sovereignty

30. Ignoring the Plight of Other Nations

31. Not Solving either Immigration Problem: Illegals; or Desirables.

32. Government Takeover of Industry

33. Social Hedonism

34. Unjust Killing and Unjust War

35. Minimizing the Care Needed by the Unfortunate

36. Minimizing Minority Protections


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