Thursday, February 23, 2017


Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is...illegal! Those who break the law should find appropriate justice. The key is what justice is appropriate for Illegals that have been here for decades? I find it very difficult to consider breaking up a family with children who are citizens by virtue of being born here, but whose parents are Illegals. I do not find it difficult to deny entry to a string of uncles, aunts, cousins or other relatives simply because they have relatives here. I am all for a strict border to keep out the hundreds and thousands that may try to cross into the nation illegally.

We should have a far better human tracking system for visa and green card holders so that we could allow them to seek temporary work here or a study program, and then return home, without any significant risk of overstaying their visa or card provisions. Further, we should welcome well-trained or well-educated individuals to our workforce by visa, green card or even admission to citizenship. In my opinion, we should have an upper limit to the number of admissions per year for permanent citizenship, and an allocation system by nationality that makes sense.

But the main problem is the 11 million or so illegals in residence; they should be encouraged to register and be fully identified, or else to be deported when found without having registered (and they should be sought out!). Perhaps we can allow a small percentage per year to enter a program that eventually gives them citizenship under certain circumstances, without them having to return home, but blanket amnesty is out!

Sunday, November 06, 2016



                                                                 November  6,  2016

If an in-depth worldview spiked up from level ground like the Rockies, this paper represents slices off the very top of many peaks.  Further explanations generally require either an article or an entire book.

I created this list for several reasons: 1) as a checklist for my Belief System; 2) To expand my BS appropriately; 3) to compare with my "Discriminant List"; and 4) to begin to highlight interdependencies.

          God: The Trinity; Eternal Law; Divine Law; Salvation: The Designer; The Essence of Love; Omnipotent; Omnipresent; Beyond Human Logic; Satan: Why is there Something Rather than Nothing? Rapture; Tribulation;
Second Coming of Christ; Immortal Souls; Life Begins at Conception.

          Religion: Belief; Worship; Prayer; Bible=The Word of God;  Walking with God; Fellowship of the Church; Salvation Through Jesus; Stewardship of God's Things; Christian Ethics and Morality; Love of God and Love of Neighbor; The Ten Commandments; The Gift of Free Will; Prayer; Good Men and Bad Men; Vexation at LGBT and Atheism. Life Begins at Conception; Atheists and LGBTs tolerated.

          Virtue: Faith; Hope; Charity; Love; Prudence; Temperance; Fortitude; Justice; Truth; Honesty; and more...Integrity sums it up. 

          Cosmos and Universe: Big Bang; Infinite Galaxies; Design; Space; Time; Events; Concrete and Abstract Things; The Good and Bad; Earth; Age of Universe=13.8 B Years; Age of Earth= 4.7 B Years; Are Multiverses Possible?  Immensity Difficu8lt to Imagine; Light-Years! Alien Life?

          Natural Law: Revealed Law; Innate Freedom and Liberty; Natural Rights; Natural Duties; Rule of Law; The Constitution; and Common Law; Customs; Traditions; Institutions; Constraints; Citizenship; Judicial Restraint ; Law Enforcement; Moral Rectitude; Integrity.

          Life and People: Design; Birth; Existence; Survival; Health; Education; Defense; Marriage; Procreation; Death; Life After Death; Good and Evil; Conventional Lifestyles; Inclusiveness; Equality before the Law; Medical Services; Heredity; Relations; Food and its Production; Clothing; Shelter; Jobs; Pay; Retirement; Entertainment; Information; Transport.

          Knowledge: Information Gathering; Study and Analysis; Establishing Truth;  Recording; Dissemination; Publishing;  Wide Availability as Needed; Indexing; The Internet; Learning; Education; History; Professions; Libraries; Philosophy; Psychology; Tradeoff Studies; Universals & Particulars.  

          Reason: Facts; Truth; Logic; Study and Analysis; Proof; Methods of Science; Right Reason; God's Path. Tradeoffs. Lessons of History.

          Physics & Hard Sciences: Things and their Relationships; Physical Laws; Science; Mathematics; General Relativity; Quantum Theory; String Theory; Theory of Everything; Applied Sciences; Engineering; Technology; Computers and Networks; Algorithms and Software; Communications; Engineering.

          Soft Sciences: Languages; Literature; History; Economics; Social Sciences; Psychology; Philosophy; Etc.  

          Aesthetics: Appreciation of Beauty; Art in General; Well-formed Writing; Cogent Arguments;   Music of all kinds; Plays; Movies; TV shows with Worthwhile Content; Dance; Opera.Dedication, Study &
Development of Talent.

          Conservatism: Embracing and Respecting the Foundations of our Nation; The Constitution; the Customs, Traditions and Institutions of our Republic; deep desire to improve our nation and its people especially Walking with God; realizing Christianity to the fullest; Fiscal and Social Conservatism; Balancing the Budget; Reducing the National Debt.

           Governance: Right-Sized Democratic Republic; Legislative; Administrative; Judicial Divisions; Preserving the Constitution; Defending Freedom and Liberty of the People; Checks and Balances; Understanding Other Forms of Governance; Reject Socialism and Communism; Protecting Private Property; Two-Party Politics; Promoting Businesses.

          Defense: Assured Strong Armed Forces; Security;Tools of War; Nuclear Weapons; Design; Development; Test and Evaluation; Production; Training; Deployment; Combat; Just War; MAD; Unfriendly Nations; Mutual Defense Treaties; Use of Power; Assured Homeland Defense; Thwarting Islamic Jihad; Large and Small Conflicts; Winning Strategies. History  of Wars.

          Associations: Freedom to Associate; Friends and Acquaintances; Strength in Numbers; Mediating Organizations and Institutions; Pledge of Allegiance; Stability; Patriotism; Conserving the Good; Nations of the World; Political Organizations; Conservatism; Anti-Collectivism; Anti-Leftism.

          Endeavors: Free Market with Constraints; Products and Services; Industrialization; Monetizing; Design; Economics; Jobs; Finance; Development; Manufacturing; Distribution; Sales; Low Taxes.     

          Nation:  Maintain Absolute Sovereignty; Remove Liberal Excesses; Encourage Small Business Growth; Help Other Nations; Adequate Care for the Needy; Geography; Resources; Transportation; History; Restore Patriotism. Diversity of Lifestyles and Environments.

          Culture: The Common Aspects of American Society: Customs; Traditions; Institutions; Religions; Hopes; Aspirations; Pride; Patriotism; Language; Economic, Geographical, Historical; and Spiritual Factors; Ethics and Morality; Constraints; Melting Pot; Origins of Customs, Art; Literature; Sculpture; Commemorations; Structures; Museums. 

          Finances: Tax Revision; Payout for the National Debt; Balanced Budgets; Reduction of Fraud, Waste, and Superfluous Programs; Tackling the Entitlement Fiasco; Creation of Well-Paying Jobs;  Raising Revenues; Coping with Loss of the Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency; Elimination of Earmarks; Elimination of Omnibus Bills; Allow Time to Read.

          Energy: Electricity Generation Plants and Distribution Networks; Coal, Hydro; Natural Gas, Nuclear; Sun; Wind; Wave; Steam; Gasoline Engines; Diesel,

          Structures: Buildings; Homes; Malls; Stadiums and Sports Domes Swimming Pools; Roads; Streets; Bridges; Tunnels; Rails; Seaports; Airports; Train Stations; Factories; Monuments and Statues.

          Transportation: Automobile; Bus; Truck; Train; Aircraft; Subway; Ships; Boats; Bicycle; Foot.

          Sports: Football; Baseball; Soccer; Tennis; Track; Boxing; Martial Arts; Lacrosse; Basketball; Hockey; Ping Pong; Racquetball; Volleyball. Car Racing; Horseracing; 

          Crime: Detection, Solution; Indictment; Prosecution; Police Organizations at Local. County, State, and National Levels; Incarceration; Death Penalty; Parole; Commutation; Pardon; Three Felonies Require a Life Term.

          The Nations: World Geography; Topology; Resources; Population; Cities; Languages; Customs; Religions; Conflicts; Warrior Cults; Water; Lakes, Rivers and Streams; The UN; Trade Treaties; Other Forms of Government;  History; Allies and Enemies.  English Common Language.                     

          Foreign Policy: Beneficial Trade Agreements; Non-Interference; Mutual Defense Treaties; Encouraging Democracy; Most-Favored Nation; Defeat of ISIS; Deep Qualification of Muslims; Threats of Russia, China; and North Korea; Middle East Turmoil; Support for Israel; Deemphasize  UN; Arctic and Antarctic Exploitation. Gathering Intelligence.

          The Future: We know the past; we are living the present; what about the future? Prognosticators;  Nostradamus; The Rapture; The End of Earth; Two-Year Plans; Five-Year Plans;

Key References: Sixteen Books of Vital Importance to this worldview

1. The King James Bible
2. Understanding Our Times, by Jeff Myers and David Noebel
How Now Shall We Live, by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearsey
What We Can't Not Know, by J, Budziszewski
Mind Siege, by Tim LaHaye and David Noebel
The Complete C.S. Lewis, a Signature Classic
Written on the Heart, by J. Budziszewski
8. Th
e 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen
The Big Questions, by Nils Ch. Rauhut
Natural Law and Human Nature, by Father J. Koterski, S.J.
Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell
.The World is Curved by David M. Smick
13.Signature in the Cell, by Stephen C. Meyers
The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene
The Liberal Mind, Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D
Prayer, Timothy Keller.


Friday, October 28, 2016


An Observation

The 2016 Election Choice

Faced with two candidates that are far from ideal for the job we must make the right decision: which less than ideal candidate will best serve the nation.

Decision Point 1: Do we want a continued leftist drift to the nation's laws and policies? I say NO!

Decision Point 2: Both candidate are liars, but whose lies most hurt the nation? I say Clinton's lies do since she has dealt with both national and international identities which greatly influence the fate of the nation, whereas Trump's lies and rants affect fewer people.

Decision Point 3: Do we want a balanced Supreme Court or one biased to the left and believes our Constitution is a block? I say balanced!

Decision Point 4: Do we want a candidate that insists on having a two-faced approach to policy questions--one for public consumption, and the other for her inner circle? I say NO!

Decision Point 5: Do we want "Pay for Play" from the White House? I say NO!

Decision Point 6: Since there is relative moral parity between Donald and Bill, who would be roaming the White House once more, the question of moral parity is rendered moot.

Decision Point 7: Do we want to live with Obama's Executive Orders and myriad regulations, plus those invented by Clinton? I say NO!

Decision Point 8: The personality deficiencies of both candidates are daunting but quite different. One you tend to get what you can understand and like or dislike: the other you have no idea what you may get since she runs a two-faced shop. Better the one you can understand and cope with!

Vote for Trump!

Thursday, September 29, 2016


The Liberal Manifesto

Paraphrased from "The Liberal Mind"--Lyle H. Rossiter, MD[1]

1. We are all children of a parental government...

2. Self-reliance and the role of individual responsibility should be

diminished in this society in favor of collective caretaking

administered by the state.

3. The individual cannot exist without the state.

4. Because most citizens are not competent to run their own lives,

they need government guidance to do what is good for them.

5. Collectivism is the proper political philosophy for an ordered


6. A good life is a government entitlement owed to each citizen

regardless of the nature and quality of his acts and their usefulness

to others.

7. In respect to economic and social situations, prior binding

contracts or agreements based on tradition may be invalidated by

the authority of the government.

8. A large government regulatory apparatus is needed to exercise

control over the citizenry and to ensure that social justice is


9. Massive welfare programs that are administered by the state at

taxpayer expense are necessary to meet the needs of the


10. Men should not be held responsible for their bad actions, but

rather such actions should be viewed as the collective fault of the


11. Traditional ideas about the separateness and sovereignty of the

individual are invalid.

12. Material subsidies are to be paid to persons designated by the

state based on need, suffering, or inequality, not on merit or desert.

13. Human nature is highly malleable.

14. Descriptions of how to act and how not to act should not be

based on the distilled ethical and moral wisdom of the centuries,

but through canons of political correctness or evolved through the

creation of alternative lifestyles in a spirit of cultural correctness.

15. Established traditions of decency, courtesy, and sexual

repression are unduly restrictive and should be rejected because

they support class distinctions that oppose the liberal ideal of social

equality. Pornography is good.

16. Rules governing human interactions that have evolved over

centuries deserve no respect. Traditional Judeo-Christian moral and

ethical codes such as the Golden Rule must be rewritten to reflect

modern ideals of moral relativity and multicultural correctness.

17. Equality before the law is a fiction.

18. An individual who commits a bad act should not be held

personally responsible for what he does even if he does it with

malicious intent.

19. US foreign policy makers should assume the American

imperialism and capitalist exploitation have been major factors in

provoking aggressive acts by other nations and by religious or

ethnic groups.

20. It is the duty of the state to determine which groups or classes

of persons suffer from deficits in material security and in social and

political status and to cure these deficits through government


21. Time-honored conceptions of justice as reflected in common

sense, ethical philosophy, judicial practice and the history of

political thought are invalid.

22. Traditional ideal of self-determination, self-responsibility and

self-reliance are invalid.

23. Economic activity should be carefully controlled by the


24. An adult citizen's time, work effort and ability must be largely

apportioned to the state.

25. The primary purpose of politics is the creation of an ideal

society run by a liberal elite[2] committed to a just

redistribution of economic, social and political goods.

26. The traditional social institutions of marriage and family are not

very important and should yield to progressive alternative lifestyles

that emphasize the satisfaction of sexual and relational needs.

[1] Rossiter expounds on these condensed statements substantially in his book, and derives the why of them through analysis from a life cycle psychological viewpoint.
[2] Liberals classify citizens as: governing elites; military personnel; and the rest of us.

Friday, August 26, 2016


You Want Clinton?

Embracing the Liberal and Progressive agenda has a direct impact on us, especially if you:

--don't mind if the Supreme Court decides issues according to Liberal Ideals, rather than the Constitution and its precedents;

--accept the shredding of the Constitution; First and Second Amendments especially;

--want all the free things promised from government, such as: school choice; free college; free health care; extensive paid vacations; paid sick leave; low interest mortgages, and so on, even free cell phones, to buy your vote.

--don't realize that interest on the National Debt will soon absorb all revenues except for entitlements, unless taxes are raised;

 --desire for a UN with dictatorial powers over the world, never mind that it would violate our Constitution;

--admire collective, authoritarian, elite government because it gets things done fast, never mind the will of the people;

 --do not believe we need a strong military, because the money for it must go for the freebies, even with wolves at the door;

--practice the sin of envy, and thus want high tax rates on the wealthy, because freebies are expensive and they have money;

--practice the sin of murder of the unborn, paid for by our taxes;

--do not believe in God, rather Secular Humanism, with serious impacts!

--abhor well-conceived and venerated US traditions, customs, and institutions;

--are contemptuously anti-American, in favor of some future neo-American, Utopian ideal that exists only in the imagination of the fundamentally disturbed Liberal/Progressive mind.
Utopias do not work!

Thursday, August 11, 2016



Although I have been extremely critical of Trump for his hip-shooting remarks, several facts about Clinton weigh heavily on me:

1) Supreme Court choices need to be conservative not radical liberal;

2) The 2nd Amendment must be preserved intact;

3) We need to continue exploiting our coal as well as other energy sources;

4) Clinton lies have become so blatant that she shows her mindset if made president;

5) Clinton will follow Obama Policies, massive Regulations, and Executive Orders, if not the rest of his leftist mess;

6) We need to address the massive expansion of entitlements causing our $19+ Trillion debt;

7) We need to have a strong military in this age of engagements and terror;

8) We need to clean up the government after so many truth-bending acts in all departments, especially the EPA, HSA, and Treasury;

9) We need an honest Attorney General and Justice department;

10) We must have a sane immigration policy.

I see Trump as proposing to fix each of these ills, and Clinton is arguing for the status quo.

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