Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Coming Elections

Republicans Will Do Just Fine

I am going way out on a limb to predict that despite the dissatisfaction with the current Administration and GOP Congress, the Demos will not make substantial headway in 2006, and will not gain the presidency in 2008.

The reason for this is very simple. It is quite obvious that the Demos would have done a far, far worse job of it till now, and are not credible to do better in the following years.

Republicans and Conservatives are not happy with many aspects of our situation, but the raw fact is there is no option worthwhile for them but to vote again for the party.

The thought of a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President is all it will take to keep the base voting for Republicans. No sensible person wants to see progressives in control.

Plus, we have many corrections yet to be made to the horrible inroads that progressives have made in the last years to our school system at all levels, we have unfinished GWOT business, and two rogue nuclear-capable nations to quell.

None of these corrections or any resolutions of the foreign conflicts are likely to occur under the Democrats.

Sans doute.


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