Thursday, April 27, 2006


Illegals "Go-Slow"

Just as the Africans did in colonial times, the Latin illegals are planning a "go-slow" day. Every Illegal and supporter is supposed to stay home, and to do business-related things in slow motion throughout the day on Monday.

Well and good for them, but they are blackmailing our people to get their way. This argues that they will do the same thing over and over until we give in.

I do not employ illegals, but many of the service companies that I do business with may well do so. I simply do not know.

But, henceforth, I am going to demand that only firms that do not employ illegals do any sort of work for me. I will ask for their assurance in writing. This is all I can do personally, but if everyone did the same, it might have a very significant impact.

Let me see, I employ the following types of firms:

HVAC Technicians
Generator Technicians
Building Contractors
Dry Wallers
Hod Carriers

Not all at once, of course, and not all that often per type, but my contribution to the manual labor category per year is significant to me, and probably significant to the laborers. I will do all in my power to ensure that no illegal comes on my property to work. I will ask for green cards if necessary.

So go slow, guys. You will not affect me.


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