Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Coulter Chaos

Ann Coulter Nails It!

One conservative commentator, Ann Coulter, makes an edgy remark about the Jersey Girls, and the left goes bonkers. Never mind that the left has been making highly inflammatory comments about Bush and others for years, aided by the MSM. The left has made Coulter's point for her in spades! Even moderate lefties (are there any such today?) find it necessary to pile on to add their disapproval to the clamor, lest they be tagged with insensitivity.

Ann correctly pinpointed a leftwing tactic--using victims of the WOT/Iraq to further leftist idiologies and positions in the political arena, including Mac Cleland, Cinthia McKenney, and any others they can find to champion their causes and weaken the US. Victimhood has become a steady diet in today's politics, mostly because these victims can spout literally any irrational garbage, and then duck behind their victim-shield to avoid any return fire. You can't attack the Jersey Girls because they lost their husbands on 9/11, goes the theme.

Nonsense! Every public utterance of these victims should be examined for common sense, and if they do not meet the test, it should be pointed out immediately where the Girls are not rational.


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