Monday, September 18, 2006


Cordons for Baghdad

Take a hard look at all cars, many times, and in many places!

It was gratifying to see that the Iraqi government and our forces have decided to limit access to Baghdad, something I recommended many months ago here. The common denominator in car bombings and explosives. Make sure that all cars in the city are legitimately there, and that all cars entering and leaving get a thorough security check. It should help tremendously. Spot checks throughout the city will help too.

They seem to have started my other suggestion also; that is, a house-to-house search for weapons and bomb-making materials. This search will have to be done over and over, since a cleared area can be rapidly reinfiltrated later. Random area cordons with search teams suddenly appearing would be a good tactic also. It would be too much for them to implement my most ruthless tactic, I suppose; that is, to declare the death penalty for anyone possessing weapons or bomb-making materials illegally. Maybe not, though, we shall see!


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