Monday, November 06, 2006


Vote Republican

Get over your desire to punish Bush for whatever you think he has done wrong. Get over you desire to punish Republicans for not being able to be as strong as you wanted. The problem with such punishment is Democrats.

Those people on the Left are very, very dangerous to America, and to its citizens, on a number of points, especially: increased taxes; an impeachment movement against Bush; an attempt to cut-and-run in Iraq; and bill after bill to take taxpayer money from the well-to-do and hose down the "needy" with the proceeds, including Illegal Immigrants, and anyone that can plead discrimination or devastation by hurricanes; a big boost for the UN from us (that 0.7 % of GNP the UN wants the US to pay per year.), and a further weakening of our sovereignty and freedom of action; plus an almost guaranteed pass for Iran and North Korea for developing nuclear weapons. leftwing Democrats cannot be trusted with the security of the nation.

Thank God that Bush has two more years in office. He can be counted on in this situation to veto those propositions that hurt America.

Vote Republican!

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