Wednesday, November 01, 2006


John Kerry Again--With Foot in Mouth

Good try at covering up Kerry's true feelings about the military: he loathes everything about it. The issue is joined now at a very opportune time. In the past years he has made many derogatory statements about our forces, usually accompanying a rant against Bush. I trust the MSM will keep the issue alive for the next few days to remind the public of what mentality they are faced with when voting for the Ultra Liberals of today.

Vote Republican

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The campaign against President Bush and the GOP is nothing but lies and distortions. It looks bad for us on Election Day, but I continue to be hopeful that predictions for a Democratic sweep are incorrect. If they prove correct, I suggest that sociologists and mass-communications experts analyze the election because it will be a study in the effectiveness of mob rule, mass psychology, and cynical political propaganda. The Democrats in 2006 are using the same techniques the Nazis used to seize power in Germany. For example, how long from now before Christians are imprisoned for public displays of their religion? Executions will follow imprisonments. As you wrote, "Vote Republican" but we may be whistling in the wind.

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