Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The Subterfuge is Becoming Apparent

Doesn't take long for Leftists to show their true selves!

Pelosi backs Murtha: hard Leftists both.

Waxman has so many investigation ideas he is paralyzed with joy.

The impeachment groups are frothing at the mouth to get started in earnest.

Waxman will find something to hang his hat on that will convince Pelosi to drop her opposition to impeachment, however nebulous it is in fact.

Pulling out of Iraq in a very short time is being pushed vigorously.

The GWOT will be downplayed, in favor of "accomodation" with Muslims--to our grave detriment.

Clinton is resurrecting her Health fiasco--the largest bureaucracy ever proposed!

We will see the Hate Crime bill running through the House soon.

The Minimum Wage increase will be passed in the House and the Senate, despite the obvious bad impact on the economy and employment according to most economists.

Illegal Immigrants will get amnesty, whatever they call it to disguise its real nature. This is the payoff for Hispanics voting Democratic, and cementing them as a major base for the party.

Christianity will be under increasing attack in the public place.

Last, but most significant, our taxes are going up, regardless of what some Dems say. They need to pay for their largesses and scams. Since 80% of the taxes are paid by the top 10% of the wage earners, this is nothing but blatant robbery of the most productive people in the economy in the name of the government. Redistribution of wealth is an idea from the Devil.

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