Thursday, November 16, 2006


What Mandate?

The lesson of the election is being distorted, in my opinion.

We hear daily blurbs that the people have spoken and we need to pull out of Iraq. That is the Dems version of the election results. We, the American people, have said via our votes that we deplore the war, and want out, according to the Dems.

I have a different take. We the people want a victory in Iraq. We haven't seen sufficient progress over the past years to feel satisfied that we have been doing all we could to effect our success. Thus the Bush Team is faulted for not pursuing the war aggressively enough . We do not want an abject pullout, but a convincing win in Iraq. Many of us feel that more manpower on the ground, and more aggressive pursuit of the radical Islamists and militias of the clerics would rapidly dry up the insurgency. We seem to have kept our troop levels steady and modest while the insurgents have reinforced themselves from Syria and Iran. We do not own the night, and the day is iffy too. Granted, it is Iraq in the end that must control their own security, but we need a thorough cleansing of the radical population right now.

Such a cleansing would take a large commitment of forces, on the order of another 150,000 to 200,000 men, to close off Baghdad, seal the borders, and to lead the Iraqi forces further into self-supporting effectiveness. Then, too, it would be handy to have such a force in Iraq in case the Iranian situation goes sour, and the Syrians act up with them.

Some people have complained that this force augmentation would mean multiple tours in Iraq for many soldiers. That is why our soldiers serve. As long as we need to fight in Iraq, soldiers will fight and stay there to ensure their victory. We need more troops as well, which should lead to a draft again, but with a major difference. Let the volunteers fight, and let the draftees man the US stations left by the volunteers. Let the draftees decide to join the regular forces if they so desire after they have been trained up thoroughly.

Of course this is all against the Dems objectives, which is to let us lose in Iraq. So the loss of thousands of our men dead and many thousands wounded, will have been in vain. What a crock!

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