Friday, November 24, 2006


Chaos 2006

Just who isn't going mad and fighting?

We have a ancient group of religious madmen called Jihadists bombing everyone in Iraq.

We have a group of Secular Humanists in the US that want to take control and move us into an International government.

We have a group of Loony Left Wing Liberals in our country that want to destroy our current way of life in order to install a Socialist government, and they make common cause with the Secularists.

Then we have a group of Ultra Right Wing Extremists who want to overturn the government and create a "Christian" theocracy by force.

Lurking around underneath the cover of these Humanists and Loons are the hard-core Communists, who follow the discredited dictates of Marx and Lenin, and call for the distruction of our society in order to build a Communist utopia, and raise a crop of little communist automatons.

Somewhere in the murk are the Neocons that still believe in projecting US power into the lands of the Jihadist enemy simply to kill as many of them as possible, especially in Iraq.

Another group that I will classify as Pacifists declare their unalterable opposition to any form of war and conflict, thus ceding the battle for minds, hearts and territory to the enemy. No fight here!

Hispanics have their agenda, which seems to be the reconquest of America by infiltration, as do the Muslims.

Iranians are threatening to blow up the Jews in Israel and our citizens in the US as well.

The Israelis, in turn, are threatening their own attack on Iran.

China is building a huge military capability, North Korea has the bomb now, Taiwan has a competant force poised to repel a Chinese invasion,

Afghanistan and Pakistan are scenes of deadly combat between the Taliban and NATO forces.

Hugo The Citgo Chavez is arming to defeat a phantom US invasion of Venezuela, and to dominate Central and South America.

Darfur is continuing to be the site of genocides despite UN (so-called) peacekeepers presence.

The Russians are not standing still militarily either. Their rocket forces are formidable, and their tank forces are strong and reliable, if not up-to-date.

India still looks warily at Pakistan, as if their long-standing conflict over Kashmir will reignite at any moment, and China is always pressuring them in the North.

What is this all about? To me, it is about survival of our way of life in this tumultuous world.
The majority of Americans support fighting to maintain our nation.

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