Thursday, December 14, 2006


Illegals, Radical Muslims, and America Haters

The Word of the Day is: Tolerance

Our American society has been built around the idea of tolerance for our neighbors, other religions, and other people of the world. It has perhaps always been true that some of our citizens are disgruntled, discouraged, and downright furious at our government. It is fortunate that they are not so numerous that they can do serious harm to our society, whether they are from the right or left in their politics.

However, today, some from the left make themselves obnoxious and divisive by their incessant diatribes against the current policies in Iraq. They have that right. We must tolerate them. The worst of them, the loudest, the most virulent, should be simply ignored.

There is a huge groundswell of fear and hatred for Muslims in general in the nation, brought on by the Jihadists actions around the world, and by 9/11 here. Many of our citizens have taken the time to read the Koran. They come away with increased fear of Islam which they now see as a bloodthirsty and deadly enemy of Christians and Jews.

Muslims have the right to practice their religion in the US. We must be tolerant of them. That is, until they make a move to harm us.

We are faced with an unprecedented invasion of Illegals from Mexico and other countries. The number of Illegals is estimated to be around 15 million, and they come to work and send money back to their families in Mexico. We can be tolerant of them, except for one point: they come here illegally. Some come here to prey on the weak, to steal, and rape, and to deal in drugs. These we must not be tolerant of; rather, we should use the full force of the law against them, and should ensure that they are either imprisoned or shown the border, or both. It is symptomatic that 40% of the inmates in California jails are Illegals. For the rest of the Illegals, they must be subjected to regulation and tracking to ensure their compliance with our laws, or else they too must be deported.

Sometimes tolerance is hard to maintain in the face of hatred and irrationality.

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