Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Unions, Iraq and 2008 Elections

A Few Tuesday Notes

The Union Movement: The unions are still around, and still want pay and benefit increases that make them better paid than non-union workers. (The average weekly earnings of union workers are $781, while non-union workers earn $612.) Embedded and in control of today’s movements, particularly in John Sweeney’s AFL-CIO, and Andy Stern’s Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU), are radical socialists and communists who are dedicated to the principles of Marx. Fortunately, they represent fewer workers than in their heyday—a combined 15 million members now, all told, and perhaps about 11% of the US workforce. But they have made common cause with the leftwing Kool-Aid drinkers and financiers such as George Soros to pour money into leftist candidates for office around the nation.

These people bear watching.

More Troops for Iraq: There seems to be growing consensus that we should increase the troop levels in Iraq, especially in and around Baghdad, and in Anwar Province.However, the numbers mentioned are not really adequate. The rumor has it that the increase would be from 15 to 30 thousand troops, when what are needed are 150 to 300 thousand, in my opinion. When this augmentation shows up to be totally inadequate, what then? Will we have blown the chance to really “go long and hard?”

The 2008 Election: The only politician that makes sense to me is Newt Gingrich. He has the intellect, the understanding of politics, and the patriotism to carry the nation proudly through the early 21st century. Newt has stated that he will not announce his intentions until the Fall of 2008, but he has Fox News as his platform, from which to show his mettle.

He is worth listening to on most subjects you can name.

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