Thursday, January 25, 2007


Bits and Pieces

Election Season

There is simply far too much hypocrisy in Democratic Party politics. Flip Flopping is truly a Democratic Art. Screams for four years about too few troops in Iraq have turned around to moans and groans that Bush is sending more troops now. The only moan I have made is that he didn’t commit to a much larger new troop commitment.


After being appalled for eight years with Bill as President and Hillary as First Female, the current candidacy of Hillary, with Bill as First Man, gives me the shudders. This is how we will lose the GWOT, gain lassiaz faire, relative morality, and free everything from birth to death, all at the expense of the well-to-do. Free college, free health care, a minimum wage for everyone whether they work or not, and giving much of our sovereignty away to the UN. Who needs the Clintons? Not me!

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