Sunday, January 28, 2007


Islam Revisited

What to do until the next attack?

Let us be warned: Islam in its entirety is the enemy of the free, democratic world. All Muslims are potential terrorists and conquerors. This cannot be otherwise if these people profess to be Muslim and to follow the Islamic faith.

The numerous sects within Islam, which I have counted to be at least 20 or so, are often literally at each others throats, but they unite against the common enemies of Islam, namely Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism, and any others that interfere.

They unite also against major inroads by the culture, economics and laws of the free West against Sharia Law. Even more important, the Muslim is required to embrace jihad or holy war against these enemies, and to support the establishment of a new Caliphate covering the entire world. Under a new Caliphate, Sharia law would prevail in the world, and those who do not accept their status of dhimmitude would be qualified to be killed outright.

With over six million Muslims in the US today and more arriving every moment, any number of whom could be activated to support violent jihad in America by their Islamic leaders, the real problem is simply what to do about this threat to our lives?

The first attempt at a solution is to try to assimilate the Muslims and turn them into true Americans. This is patent nonsense. The Muslim faith is far too strong to be subverted by our society and its values. Muslims will and must remain Muslims, or they face the threat of death by their leaders.

The second attempt is to ignore the problem, trusting in fate, God, or contact with our people to ameliorate the conflict of religious and social ideas, which then might lead to assimilation. Of course, we ask the FBI to keep their eyes on the Muslims—all six million of them. Ridiculous!

So this will not happen either. The Muslim leadership in America works very hard on two fronts to ensure that their adherents will not turn away from Islam: 1) they preach every day to their followers against the US way of life, and for jihad; and 2) they disguise their beliefs to Americans by lying and preaching their ideals of peace and freedom to us. In their eyes this lying is quite acceptable since the Koran states that they may lie, cheat, steal, and kill infidels without penalty.

The third attempt, which should have happened already, is to cut off any Muslims from immigration to the US, either legally or illegally. Good luck with this one! We haven’t yet fully addressed the problem of maintaining our borders, much less zero quotas for Muslims. The INS appears to be dysfunctional, if not also the State Department and the Administration on this point and it has been this way for decades. Besides, such a move, while necessary to any solution, does not address the horde of Muslims already in place in our nation.

Thus the fourth attempt comes to the fore. This is the conduct by the US Government of massive isolation and eventual deportation of all Muslims, whether they are American citizens or not. This must be coupled with closing the doors to Muslim immigration.

From a logistics point of view, such a deportation can be done. We did something similar in WWII, when over ten million men and women were drafted, clothed, housed, fed, trained, and transported all over the US and the world, and back, in a period of about four years. Financially, the cost would be a winning tradeoff if it saved our way of life.

Politically, however, this cannot be done today. I can hear the Liberals now! How very inhumane! Technically also, deportation cannot be done if there is no other nation willing to accept this six million men, women, and children, horde of potentially cut-throat evil people.

What, then, can be done? We can push hard for immigration quotas to be revised down and down. A gradual and selective reduction, perhaps by Executive Order, would be a start. But to tame this horde in the face of their religious convictions is a tough thing for any legislature to vote into law, and for the Supreme Court to permit.

There is only one way to reach a solution, I believe, and it is a horrendous way. We wait until there is a major attack on the nation, along the lines of 9/11 but far more deadly, causing millions of our citizens to lose their lives. This alone, I believe, would motivate our citizenry, our legislatures and our leadership to move hard against the horde. It is reminiscent of the WWII incarceration of American-Japanese citizens. We never have learned the lesson of Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

What else is there to do?



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