Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Iraq Debacle

We see the evidence every day.

Just about every Dimdem is finding a slot on TV and in the MSM to rail and whine about the war in Iraq, and the President’s plan to augment our forces there. The air time and inches of space in newspapers (make that opinion papers) has favored the Dimdems and the Left by factors approaching 6 to 1. Now the threat of cutting off the money is receiving increased publicity, as if the Dimdems are trying the idea on to see if we, the public, will go along with it. We should NOT go along with it!

This is the real debacle--the Dimdems! They do not address the problem itself, only their ferocious desire for us to disengage in Iraq, as if that would be a solution to the Mid East chaos caused by Muslims.

It makes one wonder whether these Leftwitches are in the pay of the Islamic Alliance. Every move the Dimdems have made seems to be directly beneficial to Palestinians, Arabs and Persians, and hiding behind that position is a distinctly anti-Israel bias as well.

I accuse the Dimdems of perfidy, hypocrisy, lust for power, and a willingness to do or say literally anything to grab it. I could not look in my mirror every day and like myself if I had violated our ethics and our trust as Dimdems have. Dishonesty and double dealing is not something I could live with.

We must oppose these clowns, but as I have stated in an earlier post, I do not believe we will confront the Islamic problem fully until we lose Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, NYC, Washington, or San Francisco to a Muslim takeover or to a Muslim-planted nuke. There are far too many do-good, soft-hearted fools in the country that cannot see the threat of Islam for what it is, and they mostly vote for the Dimdems.

I pray to God that the light of truth will shine on our Congressmen for a change.

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Do you possibly live for anything other than the wholesale dismantling of the institution of Democracy?

I mean honestly! Have you ever wondered why nobody ever reads your drivel? "Dimdems", "Leftwitchs" (shouldn't that be leftwitches, I guess when you are writing your own language you get to pick the spellings)

"I could not look in my mirror every day and like myself if I had violated our ethics and our trust as Dimdems have." I cannot even pretend to understand what you could be talking about here unless you are hinting that by standing up to Happy Master, the "Dimdems" are once again treading on the waters of evil, seditious conduct unbecoming of the 'yes' men required to run an efficient dictatorship.

You know, for a man who elsewhere would state that you did not fully support the bumbling policies of our current administration, you certainly seem to be busy polishing their apples every time I look at your blog. Good thing, some things never change.

Good luck with that ego.
Thank you for the typo correction.

When Dimdems go away and are replaced by principled and patriotic Democrats, I will respect their views. Until then, the leftward march must and will be stopped.

To enumerate all of the reasons for my distain for Dimdems would be to repeat much of this blog.

As to this site not being reacted to, those are the breaks. It is almost the same as your Rousseau site: not entertaining enough to draw a crowd. Still, there they are, my posts.

You see, I have two real crusades: one is to reverse the leftward tilt in American politics, and the other is the threat to us of Islam, Islamofanatics, and terrorism.
I seem to remember that you are very much FOR the leftward tilt, and you do not believe that Islam is a threat to the US. Never the twain shall meet! :)

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