Thursday, February 08, 2007


Pelosi Wants a Big Plane!

Everyone wants a free ride, but this is ridiculous!

Imperialistic Dictator-Aspirant Nancy Pelosi has cried for a big plane to carry her and 40 friends to California (and back of course) when she wants it, together with amenities such as free food, entertainment, and the latest in communications gear. Who knows, maybe a few stops along the way, too, such as Las Vegas? My gut reaction is to tell her to buy one for herself; she can readily afford one, such as the Gulfstream V.

Why should the taxpayer afford Mrs. Pelosi a really big ride? We will next hear from every new Dimdem committee chairman in the House and Senate that they too should have a nice, comfortable plane to ride around in, and campaign in, in the guise of “fact-finding” or some such.

This neatly sidesteps the problem of accepting rides from fat-cat supporters; the Dimdem Congressmen will have their own big, long-range planes! We, the taxpayers, will drool as the progressive airplane purchases escalate to 747s or Dreamliners for the most influential Dimdems.

Just think about it!

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