Friday, February 23, 2007


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Standing Above the Fray?

There is much merit to the idea of staying above the political storms this year, and next. After all, there is only one chance to vote for anyone, and that vote has already been decided, at least by me. Several points are relevant:

1. Politicians promise what they cannot deliver most of the time.
2. Politicians promise to buy votes, indirectly of course, by increasing entitlements of citizens.
3. Politicians scare up arguments designed to put fear in you if you vote against them.
4. Politicians accept funds from unknown sources, or from obscure sources, thereby obligating themselves in some unknown manner to these unknown parties.
5. Politicians are basically corrupt and unethical, and their lust for power and high office drives them to commit ever more unethical acts. Some are more clever than others at it.
6. Politicians today are without honor, without patriotism, and without truth. It is all about money, adulation, and power, not the welfare of citizens.
7. Politicians today have a hidden agenda, which is to further their idea of a collective, Utopian society where everyone is provided for from cradle to grave, if only they are elected!
8. Politicians today want to rewrite the Constitution to suit their Utopian ideas.
9. Politicians are hypocrites, and the longer they are around the more hypocritical they become.
10.Politicians are vacillators, testing the winds of opinion before they commit themselves to a proposition, and reversing themselves if they missed the right opinion early on, or reverse again if the winds change. Flip-Floppers!
11. Politicians today have no sense of what is right. Cut and run is their motto. Sickening!
12. Politicians love to spend other people's money. Tax and spend!
13. Politicians today are two-faced: one face to the voters, and a different face once in power.
It is say one thing and do quite another, trusting they won't be called on it: they see the public as having very short memories. Sheep are what we are called by them.
14. Politicians cater to the "elites." I would certainly love to have a full list of these "elites;" they need to see the sunshine of exposure for what they are.
Added: 15. Politicians are not generals (and vice versa!).

Seems I mainly listed the sins of Dimdems, especially of the Clinton variety! Oh well! I will try harder next time, if only I can stand above the fray!



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