Thursday, March 15, 2007


The Coming War With Iran

An Opening Shot This Summer?

Solly Ganor writes that his sources predict that Hisbollah will attack Israel again this Summer, as part of the continuing Islamic push to eradicate Israel, and weaken the United States.

There seems to be some slight recognition by the Dems that all is not mythical about the Islamic threat to our security. There is no real movement, however, because it would undermine their move towards power in 2008. Some of the lessening of the vitriol by the Dems can be attributed to a belated recognition of the facts about Islamic ambitions around the world. Facts that George Bush has been aware of and working on for years, but the Dems saw fit to deny in order to castigate the President.

In a perverse way, the Dems may well have caused many of the missteps of our Iraqi effort, by forcing the Administration to go around Robin Hood's Barn to get to the house. This is no way to support American objectives in a shooting war. I am ashamed of the Dems more than anything else!

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