Thursday, March 15, 2007


Howard Dean and His Ego

In an outrageous piece, Howard Dean has accused George Bush of losing the moral high ground in Iraq with "world leaders". He has been meeting with them, saying that when the power shifts to the dems, they will be ready to have far better relationships with these moral cowards. It figures! Why, it is far better to bury one's head in the sand and let things take their course, than to make a moral and honest attempt to fix the problem of Muslim aggression. This is yet another example of propaganda that daily bombards the nation, and it undoubtedly has a significant effect on those who thirst for a dem win, and on those who do not think for themselves.

The United States took the moral high ground some 4 years ago, and has not let it go. We are still making strides in pacifying Iraq, and trying to build a stable government with as much democracy as can be instilled in an Islamic nation in the short time since the fall of Saddam. We have expended lives and money far beyond what others have spent to rein in the Muslim fanatics, and I resent some punk from Carolina dissing this grandly conceived effort for political gain. It is the "world leaders" that have adopted a do-nothing, morally degenerate position, stemming from their military weakness, and fear of retribution from the millions of Muslims surrounding their principal cities. Eurasia is not a friend of the United States. Europe was.

We are on our own in stopping the Islamic tide.

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