Saturday, March 24, 2007


A Few More Idiocies


Demagoguery has reached a new high in America with the crusade of Algore to help place us under an international authority to control carbon emissions, and to drastically cut our domestic output in the name of carbon neutrality. This demented soul, who was once Vice-President of the United States, has become a Farce, Class One. He is to be pitied.

The Iranians

We have 15 Brit sailors captured by the Iranians on the high seas, which in other times would be cause for war. We have attacks on US and Iraqi soldiers from across the Iranian/Iraqi border, followed by Iranian shelling of our disengaging troops for miles inside Iraq. As said earlier here, this summer is shaping up to a confrontation with Iran, about eight months ahead of time, by my guess.

As also predicted, more troops have been asked for, this time about 3,000. Do this for eight months in a row and a whole new division of 24,000 troops will be in Iraq to “support” the 21,000 or so of the initial surge. As the war fever rises, we will pour another 100,000 to 200,000 ground troops into the area over November-February.

There are only a few ways to reduce the strain on our troop levels. The most obvious is a draft, but that would have to be the result of a major Iranian misstep against us. Remember who sits in Congress—a majority of pacifists. Any prudent government would have us on a more sensible war footing now.

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