Tuesday, March 20, 2007



A Hard Look at the definition!

Definition: One obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own opinions and prejudices.

By this definition from my Webster’s, I must admit to being a bigot! I am obstinately devoted to certain opinions, such as Christianity, America, Conservatism, and a few dozen other propositions I outline in previous posts below.

Am I intolerantly devoted to them? I have a problem understanding this question. These propositions are at the core of my belief system, and I find any other belief propositions to be objectionable for me.

However, I practice a tolerant “live and let live” philosophy towards others until someone threatens to do violence to me and mine, my nation or my way of life by seriously challenging any of my beliefs. So, I am intolerant of those who would pull down or remake our society in their image of goodness (or badness!). I am intolerant of those who would inflict harm on me and mine, or perform a criminal act on us.

I am intolerant of terrorists and terrorism by whatever name you want to use. I am intolerant of “Freedom Fighters” that are fighting to reduce my freedoms. I am intolerant of sexual predators and perverts, and I am intolerant of those who would push their sexual differences in my face. To keep on in this vein, I find that I am intolerant of porn, hip hop, rap, heavy metal, and the whole scene that surrounds these cultural backwaters…or abominable plagues, if you will.

I find this kind of intolerance simply my cultural choices that I am free to make all by myself. I choose not to attend or listen to tripe, and I choose not to allow it in my home, ever.

Call me a bigot for this? OK, I am happy with my cultural choices, and I am obstinately holding onto them!



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