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Those That I Hate

Freedom for Me but not Thee, Oh Hated Ones!

Yes, the only word that says it correctly is hate. Because other words simply do not convey an adequate feeling of disgust, anger, frustration, loathing, nausea, and total rejection, and further, these other words do not signal strong willingness to act in self-defense. One who hates is passionate about hatreds and will act forcefully on them. At the same time this person can be passionate about love of life and freedom, passionate about family and country, and passionate about defending them all.

You may say that this is wrong. One should accept diversity of opinion and belief, multiculturalism, and perform a live-and-let-live mental masturbation act, in this world we all live in. We should be respectful of other’s positions, and respectful of their humanity. We should forgive their trespasses--turn the other cheek--they are human beings too, love thine enemy, etc, etc, etc.

Who are we trying to fool here?

My response to this sort of standard, evasive, dangerous, puerile, and anti-survivalist, false-freedom thinking is that when a person or a group of people have thoroughly proven themselves to be a direct threat to the welfare and survival of my family, my fellow citizens and my country, and they figuratively or literally have a gun at my head, they have condemned themselves of their own volition to be the hated enemy. They have signed up to be reviled, ignored, humiliated, laughed at, shouted down, shunned and rendered absolutely impotent by whatever means necessary.

Survival is a prime directive for man.

Perhaps I should be surprised at the number of groups that I consider to be hateful, but I am not, really. They are all well-known for their direct threats to our people and our way of life. We have grown up with the knowledge that these groups are poisonous and deadly enemies.

Who are they?

Collectivists: Progressives (Socialists and Communists) are the first. The thought of living as the East Germans or even the Russians themselves did for 60-70 years under the yoke of the USSR leviathan is crushing. No one, least of all the Leftists in our country, seems to realize that Utopias cannot be made stable; the very process of trying to build one is itself fatally flawed because of human nature. Of course, a true communist thinks he is infinitely smarter than those who came before him, and that he can avoid the terrible pitfalls that befell prior attempts to set up and run a communist state. That is the measure of his delusion about human nature!

The process creates a revolution from which comes a Stalin, a dictatorship, and a totalitarian apparatus that, besides reducing the people to penury through the imperfect centralized planning of a complex economy, also unjustly imprisons or deliberately kills off dissenters en masse. They promise a future Utopia for the present agonies and deaths, but never deliver. The dictatorship remains in place. I do not recall that any dictator has willingly given up his power.

The total number of people that were killed or allowed to starve by the Communists in Russia, China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam to ensure their control of the government is an unbelievable 100 million, or more. How anyone could support the introduction of a governing system that guarantees wholesale slaughter of its citizens in the millions is incomprehensible to me.

It is for the good of which people?

Of course, that is what our dear friend Marx advocated: the destruction of current society by way of revolution, the total eradication of opposition, and the nurturing of the New Social Man to rise in the stead of the current population in a few generations. Madness! We fought a just Cold War against the Evil Empire to prevent such destruction of the West. This war is not really over so long as there are advocates for collectivism and totalitarianism banding together, which seems to be the direction of the Democratic Party today.

People that promote and support any form of collectivism, and cynically promote the wedge ideas of multiculturalism, diversity, and “brotherly love” to mask their real intent, are therefore diabolically evil, and a serious threat to our lives.

They are to be hated, and never given any benefit of the doubt.

The second group that I hate is Muslims--those who worship under Islam. As anyone that has studied both the founding and the current documents of Islam are aware, every Muslim must perform jihad against the infidels, for the glory of God and Islam--without exception--else they are not Muslims at all. There are no moderate Muslims where this is concerned. They have permission to adapt to the society they are in, but only until the call to insurrection comes from their holy land.

We witness daily the barbarisms committed around the world by terrorists in the name of Allah. Our society is directly threatened by Islam, as is Israel and all of Europe. We will probably not react until it is too late to prevent the undermining of our country, as is happening in Europe, but some of us will die trying.

We are engaged in a Holy War, a Just War against Islam to prevent our total subjugation over a period of time, whether our government acknowledges it or not.

By their own actions and hate words they have condemned themselves to be hated by all infidels (you and me) that have any common sense. Muslims have forfeited their right to protection under the law by advocating overthrow of the nation, the introduction of Sharia law, and the dhimmitude of all infidels.

Apologists for Islam in this nation do us a terrible disservice. They know not what they say. Or, perhaps they do! How evil can you get?

We must eradicate Islam in our nation one way or another, as quickly as possible, and keep it out!

Criminals, are as a group dangerous to life and limb, and are a much more direct threat to our daily lives than are other groups. They operate around the clock in our neighborhoods to rob, assault, batter, rape, and kill our citizens, or to bamboozle the unaware out of their savings. I am in favor of three-times-you’re-out laws that put away repeat felons for life, and I am for the death penalty for murderers.

It has become far less likely that we will execute the wrong man today because of DNA and other forensic tests that have come on line. The current legal procedures that allow a convicted murderer to sit in prison while appeal after appeal is tried over an average of 20 years are ridiculous.

It is a rare criminal that breaks with his past and becomes a reliable, law-abiding citizen, especially after a career of crime for which he was only caught three times. Long “rap sheets” are a glaring indictment of our laxity in keeping hardened criminals off the streets. They should not have gotten to the second page of their rap sheet! We need more prisons to handle this hated group. Criminal gangs are at the apex of this nefarious group, and they are growing stronger and more widespread every year, especially with the advent of tens of thousands of criminally-inclined illegal immigrants.

This must be stopped dead cold.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: I have included this discussion of hate from Wikipedia because it puts the word in its proper perspective, and fully recognizes the sense I use--that of the survival value of hate.

“Hatred is an emotion of intense revulsion, distaste, enmity, or antipathy for a person, thing, or phenomenon, generally attributed to a desire to avoid, restrict, remove, or destroy the hated object. Hatred is also among the most common emotions that humans experience. It can be based on fear of an object or past negative consequences of dealing with that object. Hatred is often described as the opposite of love or friendship; others, such as Elie Wiesel, consider the opposite of love to be indifference. People may feel conflicting and complicated emotions or thoughts involving hate, as in a love-hate relationship.

Often the verb "to hate" is used casually to describe things one merely dislikes, such as a particular style of architecture, a certain climate, one's job, some particular food, or people who claim to hate something when they in fact merely dislike it.

"Hatred" is also used to describe feelings of prejudice, bigotry or condemnation (see shunning) against a person, or a group of people, such as racism, and intense religious or political prejudice. The term hate crime is used to designate crimes committed out of hatred in this sense.

According to evolutionary psychologists, hate is a rational reaction to people whose interests consistently conflict with one's own. Hate is an emotion; hence it serves the protective mode of a person. People whose behavior threatens one's own survival interests are to be hated, while people whose behavior enhances one's survival prospects are to be liked or even loved (as in the case of offspring and other genetic kin).

The passions of hate arise from several features of our thinking process. These include wanting to assign blame to others for our misfortune, protecting our self-esteem, a desire to strengthen our community, alleviating our fears (by destroying the evil others), and several types of errors in reasoning, including cognitive bias. The ability to quickly separate friend from foe is essential to self-defense and safety and provides the origins of hate.”

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To find out, Yahoo "The Earliest 'Hate' Criminals" while it is still legal in America to read it! M.E.
Love your enemy and do justice to him.

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