Friday, April 20, 2007


Today in America

Comments on the 20th

Virginia is in mourning over the loss of VT students to a crazed man. That man should have been in an institution years ago, not roaming free.

The weather has turned warm and sunny again, just in time for planting and sprucing up for spring shows.

Reid has declared the war in Iraq to be lost. Reid is a joke. He, too, should be in an institution where the sun don't shine.

There are good signs from Iraq that the surge is having a positive effect, while the Democrats are waging war against it all. What happened to grit and determination? Lost too!

I hope the Hate Crimes bill never sees the floor. It is an abomination, and a violation of the Constitution, in my opinion. Besides, I will still have my hates and I will act on them where possible. When a hateful look is prosecuted you will know just how far we have drifted away from American values of privacy, free speech, and individualism.

It was heartening to see that Hillary has dived in the current polls, but that may help even worse choices to be selected. Such as Gore, the great internet inventor and global warming dictator-to-be. Just how many Leftwing nuts are running now? Six or Seven? Oh, let’s have a former madras kid in office! Just the ticket!

Does anyone doubt that quite a number of Muslims in America would respond with alacrity and dispatch to a call from Iran to blow things up here? Perhaps they are waiting for the Democrats to disarm the public so we cannot defend ourselves! Won’t happen; I will hide my weapons and to hell with them.



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