Sunday, April 22, 2007


Cho and Liberalism

Is Liberalism a Significant Factor in the VT Disaster? I Wonder.

The Liberalism of the parents and elders is transmitted to the children. The Liberalism of the society surrounding them confirms what the children have been taught to believe. The Liberalism of their teachers confirms again what they should believe. This Liberal cult teaches moral relativism to all who listen, and it is at least subtly transmitted to the growing and impressionable lads. They want to believe in the goodness of man, and in justice for themselves. They want to be a part of the brotherhood of man. They hear all the time from Liberals that the government is corrupt, the police are corrupt, and the global war on terror is a constant symphony of violence. with no justification.

By means of horror and violent books, TV and movies, the lads are again vicariously absorbing yet another form of laissez faire social morality, which “takes” in a few of them, such that they see, almost subliminally, the solution to some of their problems in guns for justice, backed up by their moral relativity teachings, but twisted in their minds to mean that their solution is as good as any. They have a right to their solution for justice!

Then comes the dash in the face of cold and cruel rejection they receive at school, on the playground, and in non assimilation into the social scene. What happened to brotherly love and equality of all people? What happened to the ending of discrimination that would ensure his place in the world around him? Why isn’t he as good as everyone else? That is what Cho was taught. But it hasn’t worked out that way for him. He is an outcast, a pariah, someone to make fun of daily. He is a Liberal too, so why hasn’t that helped him? It is hopeless.

Out of this grows hatred of fellow students for the humiliation and rejection that has been heaped on him, and the terrible lack of companionship and romance with the opposite sex he has incurred. There seems to be no cure for this rejection. Over a number of years, such total social and romantic rejection builds up a hatred of immense proportions.

Even the school partakes in his humiliation and rejection, his loss of face, by interviewing him, sending him to a psychiatrist, and involving the police several times. He is, after all, an adult now, and face is an important aspect of life. The difference between the fairy-tale society governed by Liberalism he had been absorbing and hoping for all his life, and the harsh reality of life as he had to live it, left him with nothing but frustration, anger, and humiliation.

Then comes a point where some event causes the crystallization of an idea--revenge. He will show them! He will get back on all of people that have been hateful to him in one big event, including the school itself. His life is not worth living if it goes on the way it has, so neither should those others that taunt him and refuse to be nice and kind to him, as he had been taught by his Liberal elders that they should be. They deserve to die. He will kill them and then kill himself.

What he needs to do this is guns and ammo, which turns out to be easy to buy. He knows how to use a gun from his time playing video games and watching crime movies, and there may have been a particular story that fit closely with his idea of revenge--Columbine, perhaps?

He is ready and committed...

Maybe it is a factor after all!

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