Saturday, April 28, 2007


An Email to Harry Reid

Senator Reid does not receive open emails from other than his constituents.
Hence this Open Letter

I am certain your staff will ensure that you will never read this letter, but here it is anyway for what it is worth. Likewise, I am absolutely certain you will not respond to me, so I will waste no more of my time once I hit send.

A Senator is supposed to be a bulwark of our society, and a staunch defender of liberty and justice. As the leader of the majority, you have special obligations to exercise your control in a fair manner.

Since you have seen fit to politicize the Iraq and Afghanistan military funding, and to attach pork spending amendments to it, and since you have declared that the war in Iraq is lost, it is my judgement that you have betrayed your trust as a Senator, and aided the enemy in his fight to overrun Iraq, if not more, such as Israel and the US. Your actions have increased the threat to our country, in my opinion.

The public did not give you the mandate you seem to think it did. Americans want to win this war, and if anything, they are unhappy that we haven't pressed much, much harder in Iraq to defeat the insurgency. They are frustrated that our tactics until now did not produce a higher level of security for the Iraqi people and ourselves. Americans do not like surrender and defeat.

Your actions have made the current effort to stabilize Baghdad and the Anwar Province less effective, since all the insurgents may have to do is wait out the US a little longer, and then take over. You have made it clear that with the ascendancy of the Democrats, we have begun to raise the white flag of surrender to Islam.

Just as in Vietnam, the pacifists in the US are using every means possible to hamper our honorable efforts to bring peace and stability to Iraq. The cost in lives, casualties and funds we have spent until now will be down the drain in such a surrender. This surrender is applauded heartedly by the Jihadist enemy, as are you and your adherents for helping their cause.



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