Tuesday, June 05, 2007


List of Vital Issues for America

Here is my list: What is yours?

1. Christianity--
growing its importance to our citizens.

2. Islam--recognizing that we are at both passive and active war with Fundamental  Islam.

3. Conservatism--getting the message right and out to the public.

4. Liberalism--defeating their outrageous propositions to change America.

5. Education--revising our education system to give a better education.

6. Science--honest tracking of climate change; energy breakthroughs; environment.

7. Globalization--bringing more nations into higher wealth and lower poverty.

8. US Government--reforms in Congress, the SCOTUS, and Administration.

9. US Financial Stability--reform of the budget, reduction in spending.

10. UN and World Politics--deemphasize the UN in favor of democratic nations.

11. World Poverty--work to end starvation of masses of people.

12. WMD Proliferation--stop it by force; carry a big stick.

13. Natural Resources--conservation of scarce resources is a must.

14. The European Union--partner, ally, or dedicated trade enemy?

15. China--Carry a big stick.

16. Social Changes in the US--preserve our effective institutions and traditions.

17. Security--support the GWOT, upgrade the armed forces, keep Patriot Act.

18. Immigration--cap the flow, deport illegals, create a good guest worker program.

19. Corruption in Government--our legislators, judges, and the administration have gone wild, and must be reined in. It is not accidental that the immigration bill is being reinstated. (New)

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