Thursday, July 19, 2007


Stalemated Nation

Greed is the bellwether

I am angry, frustrated, disgusted, depressed, furious, disappointed, upset, emotionally drained, and ready to do something drastic. What drastic thing, I do not know, but the polarization of our national leaders and legislators into two totally disparate but almost evenly-divided camps is wrecking our country. Political gain, money, partisan loyalties and ensuring reelection appears to take complete precedence over our national interest. Every issue is fought to a standstill, and our enemies abroad are looking on with high glee as our democracy is failing to persevere against them.

The principal schisms are easy to identify:

Democrats (Liberal Leftists, actually)

End of the Iraq War, and Withdrawal

End of the War on Terror

Reduction of our Military Forces

Bigger Government

More Tax Revenue for Liberal Causes, Progressive Taxes

Constitutional Changes for Same Sex Marriage

Moral Relativism

Total Separation of Church and State

Tolerance for Porn and Prostitution

Pro Choice

Inclusive Foreign Policy, Deferring to Others

Refusal to Recognize the Evils We are Confronted With

Support for a Nanny State, Womb to Tomb Welfare

Open Borders

Federal Control of Education

National Health Program Paid by Taxpayers

Support of the United Nations and World Government

Tax and Spend

Republicans (Conservatives particularly)

Victory in the Iraq War

Victory in the War on Terror

Augmentation of our Military Forces

Smaller Government

Lesser Taxes and a Flat Tax

Prevention of Same Sex Marriages

Moral Absolutism

Non-Interference of Church and State, but State Choice

Restriction of Porn and Prostitution

Pro Life

American Interests First in Foreign Policy

Clear Recognition of the Evils in the World

Support for Individual Responsibility and Initiative

Controlled Borders and Stricter Immigration Laws

Local Control of Education

Reform of the Medical System, but Free Enterprise

Delimiting the Role of the UN, Preservation of Sovereignty

Balanced Budget, Buy-Down of Debts

However, our legislators do come together on a few issues:

Raising Congressional Salaries

Avoiding Election Campaign Reforms

Preserving Privileges and Perks of Congressmen

Silencing Reformers in their Midst

Protecting their own from Prosecution where they can

Protecting their own from Ethics Violation Charges

The one good thing about this stalemate is that the opposition cannot pass their agenda even though they have a slight majority!

The same was true when we Republicans had a majority. At least the most harmful items of legislation are stopped, for now.

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