Sunday, August 12, 2007


Draft Fears

Bringing the draft back

The first question should be 'what are our needs for the military over the next ten years or so.' If the military is stressed to the limit, this argues for an increase of forces. Obviously, the forces can be increased by Congress authorizing and funding more billets, followed by recruitment of more volunteers. Another three or four divisions could possibly be raised this way in three to five years. That means about 40 to 60 thousand men. My reading is that we are not getting this number of volunteers for the army--not close!

But, what about right now? If our gap is on the order of three divisions now, the only way to fill those billets rapidly is by drafting and training conscripts over a year or so, and perhaps have then replace veterans in non-combat slots in the US, thus freeing up a pool of volunteers for combat.

It all depends on the first question, and the answer given by the powers that be. General Lute is quite right to bring the subject up. It is material to our status of forces and our capability to carry out the missions assigned.

The subject will not die.



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