Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Appendix A: Main Subjects of Philosophy

§ Epistemology
- Knowledge
- Truth
- Error

§ Metaphysics and Ontology
- Cosmology
- Theology
- Psychology

§ Ethics
- Good and Evil
- Evolution of Ethics
- Disciplines in Ethics

§ Aesthetics
- Art
- Beauty
- Apperception

§ Logic
- Fundamentals
- Correct Forms
- Fallacies

§ Major Subsets
- Scientific
- Political
- Legal

Appendix B: Eternal Questions

There are six main questions that include significant sub questions beneath them. I have tried to give my position on most of the questions in the body of the paper.

1. What is knowledge?
- Skepticism
- Empiricism
- Rationalism

2. Do we have free will?
- Determinism
- Indeterminism

3. What is our personal identity?
- Illusion
- Body
- Soul
- Memory

4. Is there a mind/body dichotomy?
- Dualism
- Physicalism
- Behaviorism
- Identity
- Functionalism

5. Does God exist?
- Faith
- Reason
- Meaning
- Theism

6. What Moral Principles Should We Follow?
- Relativism
- Devine Command
- Utilitarianism
- Duty-Based
- Virtue-Based

Appendix C: Book Resources Used:

A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking

A History of God, Karen Armstrong

A History of Knowledge, Charles Van Doren

A Nation Under God, Krannwitter and Palm

Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow

A Primer on Formal Logic, John Cooley

America Alone, Mark Steyn

American Conservatism (An encyclopedia),

Applied Economics, Thomas Sowell

Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell

Blueprint for Action, Thomas Barnett

By Design, Larry Witham

Collapse, Jared Diamond

Constitutional Chaos, Andrew Napolitano

Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant

Emerson, F. I. Carpenter

Emile, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Allan Bloom, Trans.

Encyclopedia Britannica, 1953 Edition

Empire, Niall Ferguson

Ethics in Theory and Practice, Thomas E. Hill

Free to Choose, Milton Friedman

Future Shock, Alvin Toffler

Gödel, Escher, Bach, Douglas Hofstadter

History of Political Philosophy, Third Edition, Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey

Holy Bible, King James Version

How Now Shall We Live, Charles Colson

Ideas of the Great Philosophers, Sahakian and

Imperial Hubris, Michael Scheuer

Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Alonzo Church

Inside The Asylum, Jed Babbin

Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes

Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

Mind Siege, Tim LaHaye

Objectivism, Leonard Peikoff

On Liberty, J. S. Mill

On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin

Operationalism, Percy Bridgman

Postmodernism, Glen Ward

Power Shift, Alvin Toffler

Programming the Universe, Seth Lloyd

Revolutionary Wealth, Alvin Toffler

Right From the Heart, Phil Valentine

State of Fear, Michael Crichton

The Age of Analysis, Morton White, Editor

The Age of Belief, Anne Fremantle, Editor

The Basic Works of Aristotle, Richard McKeon

The Big Questions, Nils Rauhut

The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom

The Complete Works of Plato, John N. Cooper, Editor

The Concise Conservative Encyclopedia, Brad Minor

The Conservative Mind, Russell Kirk

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Declaration of Independence

The Edge of Evolution, Michael Behe

The Federalist Papers, Hamilton, Madison, and Jay

The Greening of America, Charles Reich

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Gregory Hayes

The Koran, N. J. Dawood, translator

The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Thomas Friedman

The Pentagon’s New Map, Thomas Barnett

The Philosophy of As If, Hans Vaihinger (Source: Public Library)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, Robert Spencer

The Prince, Machiavelli

The Republic, Plato

The Science of God, Gerald L. Schroeder

The Science of Good and Evil, Michael Shermer

The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis

The Social Contract, Jean Jacques Rousseau

The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler

The Tocqueville Reader, Edited by Zunz and Kahn

The West’s Last Chance, Tony Blankley

The Will to Believe, William James

The Wisdom of the Ancient Greeks, Steven Stavropoulos

Thomas Jefferson, Basic Writings

Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

War, and Anti-War, Alvin Toffler

Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

Who Needs God? Harold Kushner

Winning the Future, Newt Gingrich

(With one exception, all of these books are in my private library)


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