Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Blogging for a Reason

A place to vent; a place to inform; a place to record.

It is a good thing that I had no ambitions for this blog, for it gets scant attention in a week. So why do it? Simple. I love to write down my opinions because it satisfies some inner sense of needing to ventilate what I think and feel with some precision. Blogging forces this discipline. Then too, quite often my opinions are that of the majority of Conservatives, so I am adding my wee voice to the general outcries we project for sanity, reason, and tradition. Further, it is a good way to record my occasional opinions and philosophies for future use, such as for the development of my philosophy statement.

I have not tried the various mechanisms for expanding my readership for several reasons. First, I do not want the blog to garner too much attention (no fear here!); second, I know that at least half the blog readers are leftist, which means nothing but ad hominem attacks, and zero probability of changing minds; third, another major segment of possible readers is already in my camp, so I am preaching to the choir (imperfectly and not very originally) which makes my comments quite redundant; and, finally, the so-called independents will also not be swayed by my rhetoric, I am sure--they have this streak of contrariness that they must defend, else their amoral stance will not survive. One can persuade by logic, but cannot overcome emotional attachment to ideas.

One more factor is that I treat what I want to treat, when I want to sit here typing, and do not want to be in the mode of reacting to every event in the news worth commenting upon. So I do not post regularly at all by choice. Blogs that I admire do post every day, or almost every day, and the successful ones in terms of hits make hits a religion, and many topics are selected as much for their challenge to readers to respond as is their intrinsic worth.

So that's how it is!



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