Thursday, November 01, 2007


Public Education

Some Thoughts on Our System

1. Throwing more money at public education is by and large futile. The problem isn't money.
2. We have thousands of solid teachers in our systems that are not motivated by money.
3. The state of the school buildings is not relevant to the learning process if the HVAC works.
4. In most cases, adding money results in overpriced rebuilding--that's where money is made.
5. In most cases, adding money results in more "experts", studies, and administrators.
6. The Federal government should get out of the education business: let state and locals do it.
7. Political correctness is stifling our teachers, and giving them redacted books to use.
8. Parents are, in many cases, indifferent to their children's schooling--it is babysitting.
9. Students are indifferent to their own education because of their parent's indifference.
10.The main problem is a cultural one: the culture surrounding the students.
11. This problem will not be solved easily: it will take generations.
12. A politician that promises to raise school budgets is a tip-off to a con job.
13. We have 48 million K-12 students; 3 million teachers; pupil/teacher ratio of 15.8.
14. We spend $473 Billion a year on education; Feds-8.8%; States-48.6%; Locals-42.7%.
15. Teacher pay average is $47.7 thousand.
16. Average cost per student is $8,300.
17. Even if we doubled this budget, the residual problem will still be there: the cultural drag.

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