Sunday, December 02, 2007


Issues for 2008

Who fits my prescription best?

Finish it off in victorious style.

Illegal Immigration: Control the borders; punish those who hire illegals; deport illegals.

Iran: Raise the pressure to the highest possible; if they don't cave in, go after them full force.
Enlarge the armed forces now.

Health Care: Deny universal, free health care. Solve the problem within free market rules; avoid setting up a huge new government bureaucracy.

GWOT: Pursue terrorists to their lairs: eliminate them and their hosts.

Draft: Let us increase the forces rapidly. If that means a draft, so be it.

Economy: Mandate a balanced budget and a line-item veto. Stop the spending rush.

Climate Change: Prepare for a warmer climate. Forget carbon offsets. Stop the panic.

Oil: Reward development of hydrogen power. Add nuclear power generation.

Taxes: Revert to a fixed percentage tax on all income for all residents.

Congressional Reforms: Mandate term limits and a ten-year block on lobbying by former members. Bar family positions for members' relatives. Deny contributions by industry.

MSM: Support truth organizations; classify media by their bias for the public.

Israel-Palestine: Support Israel.

Islam: Recognize Islam as dedicated threat the existence of all Judeo-Christian societies. Let us not kid around any longer about their threat.

Medicare and Social Security: Put them both on a sound financial basis; stop growth of benefits; stop expansion of coverage; use the power of the privatization of a percentage of each account.

Guns: Mandate that the 2nd amendment refers to the gun rights of each citizen and to their right to use weapons in self-defense and defense of their homes.

Abortion: Stop it for all but special medical cases.

Education: Return to the methods of yesteryear in teaching both facts and how to think, without the censorship that pervades our system today. Get the federal government out of education, and return it fully to the states.



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