Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Militant Atheism II

My comment field is not operating, so here is my reply.


You stated, strong (Militaristic) atheists are wrong to attack the Christian religion and Christians and attempt to destroy them

Can you provide evidence of "militaristic" atheists attacking Christianity and Christians? It would seem this is a bogeyman.

And what "subversion of democratic principles" are secular humanists carrying out?

Is it equally wrong for Christians to do the same to non-Christians?

I will cite the authors I mentioned: Dawkins, Hitchins, and another two, David Limbaugh ("Persecution") and Charles Colson ("How Now Shall we Live"), plus numerous websites under the search word "Atheism", and finally the actions of the ACLU over the past twenty years.

About 50 to 60 congressmen have signed up to the Humanist Manifesto 2000, but have not publicized the fact at all. They have supported many leftist and atheistic bills, or provisions in bills that are against the majority wishes of the nation. That is wrong. Amnesty for Illegal immigrants is one such bill.

The Secular Humanists have many unacceptable provisions in their Manifesto or Manifestos (I, II, II, 2000) including: 1) Denial of religions; 2) Raising of all children by the government to ensure their proper education(!); 3) Bypassing the sovereignty of the US through the UN or similar org, and installing a SH international government ( read communist/socialist).

My personal approach is simple: live and let live, unless there is a threat from any sect to our nation, government, way of life, or my family. In that event, I will not be nice!


Well, I'm still confused. You haven't given any evidence of atheists "attacking" Christians, unless the the mere existence of Dawkins, Hitchins, the ACLU, et al., constitutes such an "attack".

Amnesty for illegal immigrants was supported by President Bush. Does that make him an atheist and leftist, "attacking" Christianity?

I will have to delve more closely into this "Manifesto of Manifestos", but I'm curious if you've ever hear of dominion theology. Now THAT is scary stuff.

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