Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Atheists III

Sir: I am far too lazy to go pull out the references by page and paragraph. Either ignore what I say, believe it, stay confused, or go look it up for yourself. Two whole books attacking Christianity, and two showing why it is under attack and by whom. I am not debating these statements.

Dominion Theory is so far right as to be off the scale, just as the Far Left and SH is off the scale the other way. Extremes are are a plague on the body politic.

Bush lost it for me in that matter of amnesty, although I do not make him an atheist or leftist. I was referring to the number of Democratic and some Republican supporters for amnesty, which fits the profile of SH adherents, and the numbers of them in Congress now. I make the claim that Left = SH = the new elite, atheistic, socialistic/communistic home.

If you have read Marx, you would also know how he proposed to install the new socialism--by destroying the existing government and social order, then growing a new generation of Socialistic Men out of the ruins. Relaxing moral standards as being relative, promoting porn and divorce, removing Christianity from view, championing non-discrimination for every so-called disadvantaged collection of people, pushing multiculturalism as opposed to a synthesis, pushing diversity instead of assimilation, touting gay marriage, and always attacking the government for literally everything that happens, looks like such a trend to me, especially when you see the SCOTUS and Fed Courts legislating from the bench, and the Dems (Hillary) arguing for direct democracy, which is not going to happen.

Such Leftist Democratic putsches are dividing our nation when it need not be divided at all. Why are they doing this? The New Socialism/Communism, with a twist.

After thought: championing centralization of government is yet another socialistic direction that is rabidly supported by the SHers, such that sooner or later just about everyone will be beholden to the government for their living. Disarming the public fits in very well here too, so that the public cannot rise up in arms to stop this treachery.

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