Tuesday, January 22, 2008



A Few Comments

Stock Market—Best advice I have gotten is to hang on for the ride. There are no safe havens.

Campaigns--- Hillary versus McCain seems to be emerging as the contest. While I do not like what McCain has done lately, especially with regard to Illegals, he would be infinitely better than another Billary White House (This time they would gut the place.), and certainly better than a lightweight such as Obama—small change indeed. The length of this campaign is becoming a complete bore, with over exposure of rather weak candidates, and under exposure of strong ones.

Iraq--- Bringing five brigades home soon is a mistake. We need power in the area. The power we now have is working fairly well, so why take it away? Political interference with strategic thinking is my opinion.

Iran--- looks like my opinion is going to turn out wrong (no surprise there!). We seem to be on an accommodating path at the moment, rather than an attack. I had guessed February for an air attack. Is this the lull before the storm?



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