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An answer to enoren: Townhall is one of the most conservative blogs, but I fail to see your name as such listed there. Did you simply mean that you appreciate that blog? If so, fine.

If you read beyond my current post, you will know that I am not very kind to atheists or secularists, since in them I see the ultimate downfall of our society from within, or at the least, a serious watering down of our institutions that have been carefully built up for centuries, and that have been extraordinarily successful. I do not see secularism as an improvement at all, but rather, it is an attack on Christianity, Christian morality, and what I see as the founding principles of our nation.

Kirk stated that conservatism did not necessarily demand a belief in God. I dismissed that as a wandering footnote. Now I have heard from one first hand! How one can possibly disentangle one's mind from God yet profess conservative beliefs is a real puzzle to me. A secularist wants God removed from public spaces, does he not? No prayer in schools, either, right? Champion various porn and promiscuous sex practices, etc etc. All of which is undermining the teachings of both God and our society, even the Declaration of Independence, if not also the Constitution as it is written (not as some want it to be interpreted.).

Let me see, I think it was Rick Moran that hinted that he was a secular conservative, he of the blog Right Wing Nuthouse. I have been in opposition to his thoughts on many occasions. He seems to be a shotgun conservative, more in line with liberals than true conservatives.
Are you one too?

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I'm not a prominent blogger, just someone with a domain and a keyboard. I call myself The Secular Conservative, but my screen name at Townhall is "enoren." On my blog, I've provided my own little manifesto of what secular conservatism looks like (at least, to me). I'd encourage you to read my first two posts, "The Rise of the Secular Conservative", which will answer many of your questions.

But let me distinguish myself. Secularism, as it's practiced by liberals and in the zeitgeist is the same as being anti-religious, but it does not have to be. For example, I don't believe in God, but I don't care if God is present in public spaces. As a conservative, I recognize that "freedom of religion" doesn't mean God is removed from the public square, the state simply can't mandate my religion.

Similarly, prayer in schools is okay with me and I'm not a champion of pornography. You're muddling liberalism and secularism and your examples are all LIBERAL beliefs. Just because most secularists are also liberals doesn't mean all secularists advocate liberal ideals. I'm the proof.

I'm not familiar with your blog in general, it just popped up in one of my Google Alerts, so I thought I'd speak up. It's okay with me if you're unkind to secularists and athiests, but I enjoy spirited debate.

I'd ask you to check out my blog and get an idea of what conservatism can look like with a secular bent (there are more of us than you might think). Many conservatives doubt me, but it's possible to hold conservative ideals and yet not believe in God.


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