Sunday, February 03, 2008



A few statements about the coming election:

1. A GOP win is possible.
2. Hillary-Billary would be a disaster. Another 4 or 8 years of BOTH of the Clintons! Madness!
3. Hillary has NO experience in governing, taking responsibility, or administration.
4. Obama, ditto.
5. Whoever wins the GOP nomination is far superior to either of these Dem trolls.
6. A solid conservative would be preferable, but any Republican will do.
7. I cannot imagine why someone would want the presidency that is hated by the majority of citizens.
8. I cannot imagine a win by someone that is so divisive and obviously power mad.
9. I do not trust Obama at all, either. A man is the sum of his experiences and education. Hussain! I have no trust in any Muslim, however early in his life he was indoctrinated. He reminds me of the Left Behind series...
10. Having decided all of this, I will simply sit back, vote GOP, and hope it all goes right.

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