Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hillary Lies!

A Hillary Lie is No Surprise!

We have been treated to a full-blown Hillary lie two times now, if not more! She described her arrival in Bosnia under sniper fire in graphic terms, trying, I suppose, to enhance her credentials as tested under fire. The problem is, it never happened. CBS and Sinbad both have shown pictorially and verbally that there was no sniper fire upon Hillary's arrival. Today, she says that she "misspoke" for the first time in 12 years. Problem with that is she told the same lie last year in a speech, and we don't know in how many other engagements she has used that lie to gain sympathy for her candidacy.

So this is the caliber of person that we must vote for in the forthcoming election? She will indeed do anything to gain power, especially lie to the American public. The Democrats now have a weasel-wording Black Liberation candidate and Another Clinton Lier candidate for president. Unforgivable!

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Yesterday on The Tim Russert Show, Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair reported that the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia continued as a direct result of Hillary's request to her husband that he not honor his promise to stop the genocide in '92 because his wife said it would detract attention from her efforts at healthcare reform. She was vehemently opposed to intervention in Bosnia. Hitchens corroborates this by citing White House advisors and then Secretary of State Les Aspin. BY 1996, when action was finally taken, 250,000 people had been slaugtered. That's some foreign policy experience, Hillary. The link for Hitchens article is:

I wonder which lier we will elect?

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