Tuesday, March 18, 2008



How very unclear it is!

The Obama-Wright duo, or maybe trio if one includes Obama's wife, has been spawned in the Black Militant Theology, and only slightly disguised by the candidate. While Obama avoids using hate terms directly, one can read between the lines the same messages as Wright and his wife.

Further, while Obama denounces the more flagrant messages of his pastor, he fails to identify them at all. This leaves us to decide which of Wright's statements Obama agrees with, and which he rejects. Thus our insight into the mind of Obama is now hopelessly mixed up.

Of course, the other fact is that Obama has the most left-leaning record in the current Senate. This, together with his Wrightness, is a killer set of the first magnitude.

I do hope he does not succeed to the presidency with this background in mind.

Thus, the only sane option is McCain.

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