Saturday, March 08, 2008


Rants and Rants

Madness in the World

For some time, I have been mulling a special problem. It goes like this: my blog posts have focused on subjects that anger me, or bring out the contrariness in me. This means that I am always in the attack mode, or complaint mode. At times, I get carried away into worse—hate mode!

Now, it isn't the people I hate so much as the ideas they have somehow gotten fixed in their heads. It isn't the small, irritating things either. I get upset at ideas that could develop into a movement or a cause that hurts me, my family, my city and my country. Many of these hurtful ideas are pursued for reasons of power-grabbing, influence, or making a lot of money, or all three.

Today's example is Global Warming aka Climate Change, which is a lot of hot air. Everyone is a weatherman, you know, so the entire population can get involved in commenting how much hotter it has been, and how storms seem to have gotten worse, and hurricanes more frequent—none of which is actually true. The ice is melting at the poles and threatens to raise the oceans by feet, they say, while the sane scientific community calmly reports that yes, some ice is melting, but far more has been created. No one pays attention to these reports when TV show pictures of huge chunks of ice falling into the sea from one point, and does not show pictures of the vast new ice fields around the corner. This whole idea is supported wildly by Un'ers, because it argues for a World dictatorship to solve the (non-existent) CO2 problem.

Yesterday, it was the Liberal mindset, and the grave damage liberals may do to our way of life, because in their arrogance they believe that their ideas are best for all of us. You know, abortion, which has resulted in over 50 million deaths; or gay marriage, that would disrupt the millennium-old Biblical tradition of man marrying woman, just to name a few of their curve ball ideas.

The other day, it was the concept of giving the UN 0.7% of our GNP yearly, which, if the past is any indication, means the US taxpayer will create several thousand millionaires, and probably a few billionaires in the bargain, in such places as Zimbabwe and Botswana, the Marshall Islands, and Tahiti. I just cannot understand why some politicians think the UN is an honorable institution, or why we should kick in our money knowing that it will be misused, thus continuing the fraud. The UN should be downplayed and starved. We can put our charities to work ourselves.

For the longest time, my ire has been up because of Islam. No one seems to understand what they are about, which is to conquer the world for Allah. If anyone takes the trouble to study Islam, the first reaction they have is: “Damn! These people are a bloodthirsty bunch of warriors!” After they figure out that all of the sweetness and light of the early Koran has been subsequently abrogated (canceled) by the clerics and Muhammad himself, they begin to realize that we have a fearsome enemy on our hands. What's more, over 6 million of them are already inside the US, and every one of them is a potential insurgent. Then too, one only has to read the newspapers to discover that Muslims are busy around the world killing, maiming, and trying to establish Sharia Law. This Islam thing is not a minor little problem for us, yet a large number of people are against the GWOT. Go figure!

Yes, this is a rant. That is my problem: how to turn my rants into useful screeds. I am convinced that my ideas about these issues are correct, but it is virtually impossible to prove them to be so. All I can do is is to continue to add my words to the pot, and hope that they have some small effect.

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