Monday, May 19, 2008


A Right-of-Center Mantra

Preliminary Thoughts (Lots more to go!)

(Revision I: May 21, 2008 )

A. What we want to do! (Security, Good Jobs, Pride, Health)

1. Strengthen our nation (spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, financially, and militarily)

2. Create new jobs (manufacturing, services, information, small business enterprises)

3. Trade worldwide ( Our products and services for their resources and products)

4. Invent solutions to major problems (oil depletion, renewable energy, hydrogen, health and health care)

5. Delegate to the States (education, personal preferences such as: abortion, gay marriage)

6. Build and renew our infrastructure (roads and streets, bridges, rails, buildings, super-internet)

B. What we must do! (Plan, Organize, Work, Measure)

1. Be Thrifty: spend only what we must ( no new feel-good spending initiatives—none!)

2. Budget within income and create surpluses ( cut entitlements where effective)

3. Reduce the deficit ( use the surplus to reduce our indebtedness)

4. Reform taxes; tax only what we must ( a leaner government needs less taxes, consider the FairTax proposal seriously)

5. Preserve our Constitution, our institutions, our sovereignty (they are all under attack)

6. Fix things that need fixing ( Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, 1,177 government agencies, the education system, schools, school choice, unionization in education)

7. Nix things that need nixing (rabid, uncalled for Secularism, silly gun laws)

8. Fence out who we must ( Illegal entrants, smugglers, potential terrorists, Anti-Americans )

9. Defend our nation (against terrorism, against world government eroding our sovereignty)

10. Finish what must be finished ( Iraq, Iran, Palestine, GWOT, Islamic fanatics and Jihadists)

11. Reform the government ( Congressional ethics, ethics rules with teeth, term limits, campaign financing, tort law, INTEL & CIA, DHS, STATE, IRS, Line-Item-Veto, unrelated riders on bills, sneak ways of passing bills, horse-trading between bills, legislating from the bench, Takings., and many others in the 1,177 agencies, committees, boards, commissions, etc )

12. Help those in dire need ( natural disaster victims, the ill, the disabled, and the poorest)

13. Reform the welfare state (promote personal initiative, personal responsibility)

14. Promote every citizen to be a solid Stakeholder in the US and issue them a personal identity card (work, invest, serve, vote, patriotism)

15. Conserve where we must (environment, energy, emissions, waste, pollution, greenery)

16. Reform our foreign relations policies on a nation-by-nation basis, and strengthen true democracies. (this would be in parallel with the house-cleaning at STATE)

17. Reduce our participation and contribution to the UN, and marginalize it :
(the UN has become not only corrupt and dangerous to our sovereignty, but actively hostile to the US. We should seek partners in world governance that are true democracies. Negative UN decisions about our nation are to be rejected. )

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