Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Is this Administration Really Evil?

Evil is as Evil Does!

Pursuing a radically different leftwing political philosophy, and a collective, socialistic course of action after it has been proven to be manifestly, demonstratively and massively damaging to this nation, or to any nation for that matter, is pure evil.

This cannot be excused by claiming ignorance, since there are so many brilliant, detailed and well–documented examples of the failures of leftist collectivism available in the nearest library and on the internet, plus many, many intelligent people available to advise the President on every subject imaginable—especially the failure of collectivism!

The one possible explanation that might be offered for this national catastrophe is that the Leader has such an overweening ego and narcissistic mindset that he cannot possibly admit failure in the least; hence, he must pursue his dreams and programs to the end, come what may. He therefore does not wish to listen to the advice of knowledgeable people or spend the considerable effort needed to grasp the true fundamentals of economics that he must master from the resources in the country. The Leader cannot change course!

If this is true, then the evil we see has not one but two parts: 1) the evil disaster of the nation’s finances brought on by reckless spending and commitments to la la land programs by this Administration, with its attendant joblessness and misery of 20% unemployment in real terms; and, 2)the evil, narcissistic ego of a flawed and ignorant President, and his muted advisors, czars and legislators that are forced to or are delighted to continue the same philosophy and courses of action in the midst of the screams of the unemployed, the wreckage of the commercial sector, and despite the dire warnings that have been given for over two to ten years from responsible and knowledgeable economists, financiers and businessmen. (The last Administration failed to heed their advice; our last chance was for this Administration to heal the nation’s sicknesses, but it has also failed.)

That is true evil!

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