Saturday, August 20, 2011


The Universe?

Where did the Universe come from? We Don’t Know!

It seems to me that many if not most creationists and cosmologists are stuck in one or more ruts:

1. The Universe was created ex nihilo by God via the Big Bang or;

2. The Universe created itself, somehow, according to Stephen Hawking, following some sort of unknown cosmic disturbance (in the nothingness!), or;

3. There are many universes stretching back to infinity; ours just happens to be one that is well-suited for life. So there is a sort of steady state of universes forming and dissolving from minus infinity to plus infinity.

These, of course are not truly scientific theories since they cannot be observed or tested. One might simply label them “Just So” stories.

4. Along comes Superstring Theory that purports to show that the Big Bang came from the collision of two M-branes in existence prior to the Big Bang. This is pure mathematical speculation that cannot have an iota of truth to it that we can verify using the scientific method, not to mention asking where the M-branes came from in the first place!

There is nothingness to begin with, or else there is a plethora of universes to begin with. Either way, no proof is possible. The main reason to create an ex nihilo Big Bang is to support the existence of God the Creator, the First Cause, The Architect. The main reason to create a self-starting Universe or a Multiverse stretching to infinity is to deny the existence of God the Creator, and to support scientific materialism.

We cannot know what was in existence, or was not in existence, before the Big Bang. So it is a matter of taste or faith, take your pick.

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